Eye Makeup Styles

Choosing the right eye makeup styles depends on several factors, including your eye shape, your eye color and skin tone, your personality, and the occasion. Although there is no limit to how creative you can get with eye makeup, understanding the basic styles can help you decide on a specific look. Types of Eye Makeup…

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How To Do Cat Eye Makeup Perfectly

Some beauty trends never fade. Though each season ushers in a new crop of in-demand colors, application techniques, and crazy contours, glamorous cat eyes are an unwavering staple. This style uses eyeliner to create a look that is simple and elegant yet undeniably bold. Cat Eye Makeup Application There are many occasions when a cat…

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Eye Makeup for Grey Eyes

Choosing the right eye makeup for grey eyes can really enhance your eyes, whether they are a rich shade of inky grey or a light grey-blue. Gorgeous Grey Eye Colors Like all eye colors, there is no singular grey that encompasses all hues. Just like their green, blue, and brown-eyed sisters, there is a wide…

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Extreme Eye Makeup

Touting some extreme eye makeup is one of the best ways to be noticed. Read on to find out the different types of eye makeup that fall into this alluring category! Extreme Eye Makeup Made Easy Extreme eyes can easily get you noticed, and one of the very best things about this look is how…

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Ebony Eyes Makeup

Women of color have many choices when it comes to highlighting their ebony eyes. Depending on your skin tone, there are a number of eye makeup colors and techniques used to define dark colored eyes. Considerations for Ebony Eyes Darker eye colors and skin tones have to be considered when determining the eye makeup palette.…

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Drag Queen Eye Makeup

Drag queen eye makeup is one of the key components of the drag look and as the saying goes, the eyes have it. Creating flawless drag queen eyes includes eyebrows, color choice and blending. Read on to get some beautiful and doable ideas. Gorgeous Drag Queen Eye Makeup One of the best cosmetic lines for…

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Warm Winter Smoky Eye

Winter chill got you down? Warm up with makeup! We’ve got the best eye tutorial to help you sizzle through the coldest of seasons. Warning: This look is solid gold! Step 1: Use a primer. Start with a neutralizing primer on the lids like Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion to create a smooth base. Then,…

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