Ebony Eyes Makeup

Women of color have many choices when it comes to highlighting their ebony eyes. Depending on your skin tone, there are a number of eye makeup colors and techniques used to define dark colored eyes.

Ebony Eyes Makeup

Ebony Eyes Makeup

Considerations for Ebony Eyes

Darker eye colors and skin tones have to be considered when determining the eye makeup palette. The most complimentary shades of makeup for ebony eyes are deep, rich colors that make the eye “pop” or create a smoky eye appearance. Most dark colors will compliment a wide range of skin tones, but lighter shades are also very compatible with ebony eyes.

Determining Your Perfect Palette

Consider skin tone and hair color when selecting your eye makeup colors to find the best shades that complement your complexion. Darker skin tones are best served by eye makeup with more intensity for greater impact, but there are a range of colors, depending on your complexion:

Warm Complexion (yellow undertones)

  • Oranges
  • Rusty red, cinnamon, wine, terracotta
  • Copper/gold
  • Earthy greens
  • Browns
  • Brown eye liners
  • Brown or brown/black mascara

Cool Complexion (pink undertones)

  • Purples/plum
  • Pinks
  • Blues, silvery blue
  • Gray
  • Purple or dark gray liner
  • Black mascara

Overall, greens work with both warm and cool skin tones. Using dark blue or green eyeliner can really make ebony eyes stand out. Neutral colors in chocolate, bronze, gold, or mahogany are fantastic for accentuating beautiful dark eyes.

Getting the Right Look

Determining the best shadow and application techniques for ebony eyes takes practice. Consider getting a free makeover from a department store makeup counter. Let the professionals instruct you on the best eye makeup for your skin tone, or ask about certain shades you may want to test before you buy.

Basic Tips

There are a number of eye shadow sets that do the work for you – either with duos (two shades) or kits with three or four colors. This helps take the guesswork out of which shades work best together. Gone are the days of one eye shadow color swept over the lid. Instead, use different colors to create a layered look that really makes ebony eyes stand out.

To begin, you may want to apply a base product to prevent creasing and keep your makeup in tact. When applying eye shadow, always begin with the lightest shade, applied to the entire lid with an eye shadow brush. A darker shade can then be added in the crease, from the outer edge to about midway on the lid. Always use a brush to blend the shades for a natural look. A darker shade can also be applied under the lower lashes for more dramatic eyes.

Tools of the Trade

The spongy applicator brush included in most eye makeup colors is typically least effective for applying makeup, so invest in a couple of shadow brushes for the best results. You’ll need a medium size brush to apply shadow and a larger brush for blending. Investing is an angled brush can help with precise details, such as using eye shadow as a liner.

Application Tips

Eye makeup can have different results, depending on the application and colors. Ebony eyes can make an impact with a lighter color on the lid, complemented by a darker color in the crease of the eye or just on the outer corner of the upper lid. For that fantastic smoky eye look, ebony eyes can’t go wrong! Use a dark color under the lower lashes, smudging it from the outer corner to the middle of the eye. Blend eyeliner to create more drama – try shades in brown, smoke, or plum. Mascara ties it all together by lengthening lashes and drawing more attention to the eyes. Use a brown/black or simply black.

For a clean and fresh daytime look, ebony eyes look great in a variety of colors. Pinks, purples, blues, and greens are sheer and refreshing. Try sweeping violet over the entire lid, then applying a brighter color in the center of the lid outward to the edge. A smokier shade can be added to the crease, brushing upward and outward.

Finishing Touches

Tweeze stray brow hairs and use a pencil to fill in any areas to complete your look. Using a soft pencil liner or a dark shade of shadow to line the eyes gives the allusion of larger eyes. If using a shadow to line the eyes, use an angled brush to apply it closely to the upper and lower lashes. Mascara is the final touch – look for products with staying power that lengthen, separate, and thicken lashes.

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