Waterproof Eyeliner

Perfect for an active lifestyle, waterproof eyeliner keeps the eyes defined whether it be during a dip in the pool or after a lap around the track. When to Wear Waterproof Eyeliner There are many reasons to stroke on a waterproof eyeliner. Most women know the disappointment of smudged eye makeup due to inclement weather.…

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Six Different Eyeliner Looks

Learning different ways to apply eyeliner can give you a variety of looks appropriate for the time of day, a special occasion or even to help you transition from day to evening and still look great. Not only that, but the way you apply eyeliner can make your eyes look bigger or smaller. Choosing the…

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How to Create Eyeliner Styles

Experimenting with various eyeliner styles gives women plenty of options when it comes to playing with makeup. You can easily change your look from natural and subtle to glamorous and sexy with a simple eyeliner switch. Learn how to create eyeliner styles that suit you, and how to change up your look for a special…

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Eyeliner for Green Eyes

The right eyeliner for green eyes can make those peepers gleam. It’s all a matter of choosing the colors that are perfect for you. Choosing the Right Eyeliner for Green Eyes Eye makeup for green-eyed individuals is an intriguing collection because it’s so wide and varied. There are plenty of options available to the green-eyed…

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Eyeliner Designs for Goths

Eyeliner is an essential part of the Goth tradition, but choosing eyeliner designs for Goths can be tricky. Different face shapes and sizes, skin tones, and different looks must be dealt with in different ways when applying makeup. Thus, while it seems as though Goth eyeliner should be relatively straightforward, these variables alone ensure that…

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The Eyeliner Trick for Every Eye Shape

Almond-shaped, hooded, round, wide-set and close-set. We all have a different eye shape we’re working with, and in turn, require different approaches to eyeliner, right? Wrong! We’ve discovered the perfect trick to flawless eyeliner that works for every eye shape. No, really. Step 1: Dot It Use the pointed side of the eyeliner brush and…

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