How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner

Applying Liquid Eyeliner Tips

There’s something undeniably sexy about liquid eyeliner. The demure flip at the end of a classic cat line draws attention to batting lashes while maintaining a clean and feminine makeup style. For some women, the art of applying liquid eyeliner is part of their daily routine, while others shy away from the product altogether out of application fears and woes.

How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner

How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner

If you’ve always wanted to experiment with liquid eyeliner, fear not! Application is simple once you get used to the wand and the consistency of your chosen formula. Go ahead and break out of your pencil routine and get inspired with the following application tips.

  • Prepare the palette: No matter what formula of eyeliner you use, you want to make sure the eyelid is thoroughly prepped prior to application. For a clean liquid eyeliner application, apply moisturizer over cleansed skin and apply concealer or foundation as needed. A soft application of face powder will set your coverage while providing a matte finish.


Next, apply your eye shadow as desired. Bear in mind, a sexy smokier look can be achieved with liquid eyeliner if it’s paired with a dark charcoal eye. Spend time applying shadows flawlessly. Once you’ve applied your liquid liner, you’ll want to be done!

  • Curl lashes: Once the eye area is prepped, go ahead and curl eyelashes. Mascara that will immediately follow the liquid liner application.
  • Apply: To apply your liquid liner, stand as close as possible to a mirror and gently lift up the corner of the eye. Draw a fine line as close to your lash line as possible. When you near the end of your upper lid, draw an upward sweep to add instant eye lift and sex appeal. Once the initial line is drawn, you can thicken application as desired.
  • Clean up: You’re certain to have a few smudges as you get used to applying liquid eyeliner. Keep cotton swabs and eye makeup remover at hand for fast fixes.
  • Applying mascara: Apply two to three coats of black mascara to add the finishing glamorous touch to your makeup style.

Creating Many Looks

While the traditional face of liquid eyeliner brings to mind date night and sexy looks, there’s no need to limit liquid eyeliner to evening wear. Liquid liner has many benefits, including:

  • Long wear
  • Less smudge
  • Clean lines
  • Saturated color

If you find your brown eyeliner fading and melting mid day, only to see a messy smudge by 5:00, it may be time to switch to a smudge-proof liquid line. Liquid eyeliner offers a clean and modern edge while maintaining a classic and feminine appeal. Unless you’re pairing your liquid eyeliner with evening smoky shadows, it’s perfectly appropriate for daytime wear, especially when worn with a soft pink blush and lip gloss. A neutral or white eye shadow continues to soften the edge of a liquid line.

For the playful makeup wearer, there are plenty of dazzling liquid liners on the market in festive formulas and shades. Bold colors and glittered formulas can jazz up a simple liquid line, so scour your favorite beauty store or cosmetic counter for plenty of colorful and bright ideas.

Learn to Love Liner

Once you’ve mastered the application of liquid liner, you’re certain to join the ranks of many women who prefer the formula over cake and pencil varieties. If you still give liquid liner the boot, there are plenty of alternatives that offer extended wear and smudge proof formulas in a variety of bold and fashion forward colors. Makeup is intended to be fun, so be sure to experiment and play with all types of liquid or pencil formulas until you find a product you love!

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