How to Do a Fishtail Braid

  • Category: Hair

The fishtail braid looks rather complicated to a beginner, but it is much easier than the basic braid or the French braid. This braid can be taken from simple to dramatic with just a few tugs while braiding. The smaller the sections that you take while braiding, the more detailed the finished braid will look.…

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How to Grow Your Hair Long

  • Category: Hair

The key to how to grow your hair long isn’t a magic pill or instant answer: for sleek long locks the best approach is healthy care with a diligent regimen of strengthening and protection. About Long Hair Long hair may seem simple to grow, but as many people discover, hair has a natural “terminal length”…

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Hair Tutorial: Easy Braided Updo Hairstyle

  • Category: Hair

An easy braided hairstyle can be difficult to find, because most of them take certain skills and precision to succeed. Sometimes you simply don’t have those extra fifteen minutes to spare in the morning. The next time you need to fly right out the door without sacrificing a cute hairstyle. VIDEO:…

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