Waterproof Eyeliner

Perfect for an active lifestyle, waterproof eyeliner keeps the eyes defined whether it be during a dip in the pool or after a lap around the track. When to Wear Waterproof Eyeliner There are many reasons to stroke on a waterproof eyeliner. Most women know the disappointment of smudged eye makeup due to inclement weather.…

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Max Factor Eye Makeup Review

This Max Factor eye makeup review is for their most current look in MAXeye Shadows. Fresh from the box we tried two color combinations on the LoveToKnow testers, Beach Brown and Premier Pink. The following compiles our experience. Max Factor Eye Shadows A three-tone shade combination, these eye shadows arrive in a tiny compact, small…

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Magnifying Eye Makeup Glasses

Vision correction needs, age, and other factors can make precise cosmetic application difficult; fortunately, magnifying eye makeup glasses are available to solve this problem. What Are Magnifying Eye Makeup Glasses? Magnifying cosmetic glasses are lenses used for the purpose of applying cosmetics, especially in the eye area, where detail and precision is important. These glasses…

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Eyebrow Mascara

Enhance your natural brows with eyebrow mascara. This product can give you fantastic results with very little effort. What Is Eyebrow Mascara? There are many reasons why women may have less-than-perfect eyebrows. Maybe you just were born with sparse eyebrows, or perhaps a medical condition caused some brow loss. Some may even have had an…

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