Sweat Proof Eye Makeup

Whether you’re the type that needs to glam it up at the gym, or you live in a hot sticky climate that screams makeup meltdown, there are a few tips and tricks to achieving sweat proof eye makeup that will leave you looking fresh and gorgeous, not smudged and smeary. Primed to Perfection If you…

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How to apply punk eye makeup

The beauty of punk eye makeup is that it’s a surprisingly versatile look. Don’t think you have to emulate Joan Jett to sport this look with success. A spectrum of colors, ranging from moody darks to eye-popping bolds, makes this style instantly unique, fun and playful, all at once. Going Punk Going all punk, all…

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Modern Eye Makeup Ideas

Discovering new eye makeup ideas is one of the greatest joys of makeup aficionados; the eyes are the place where any woman can really get creative and express herself. Alternately, she can take a simple eye makeup style and turn her eyes into something stunning with a small amount of effort. There are ideas for…

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Max Factor Eye Makeup Review

This Max Factor eye makeup review is for their most current look in MAXeye Shadows. Fresh from the box we tried two color combinations on the LoveToKnow testers, Beach Brown and Premier Pink. The following compiles our experience. Max Factor Eye Shadows A three-tone shade combination, these eye shadows arrive in a tiny compact, small…

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Makeup for Baggy Eyes

If your peepers tend to look a bit tired every now and then (and whose don’t?), you may benefit from a few tips relating to makeup for baggy eyes. Whether you suffer from deep under eye bags or are just dealing with a temporary bout of exhaustion, you know just how visible and unsightly they…

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Magnifying Eye Makeup Glasses

Vision correction needs, age, and other factors can make precise cosmetic application difficult; fortunately, magnifying eye makeup glasses are available to solve this problem. What Are Magnifying Eye Makeup Glasses? Magnifying cosmetic glasses are lenses used for the purpose of applying cosmetics, especially in the eye area, where detail and precision is important. These glasses…

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How to Create Bright Green Eye Looks

If you are looking for an eye shadow for brighter green eyes, your search ends here! Read on for tips and color recommendations for a brilliantly gorgeous green. The Gift of Green Eyes As one of the more uncommon eye colors, green-eyed gals are often fair-skinned and able to wear a diverse array of makeup…

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Homemade Eye Makeup Remover

You can make your own eye makeup remover at home with a few ingredients that you may have in your kitchen or bathroom. Eye makeup remover is easy to make and is the perfect alternative to pricey commercial products. Eye Makeup Remover Recipes There are many recipes for eye makeup remover. From makeup removers designed…

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How to Create Glossy Eyes

Whether you want to rock glossy eyes for a tropical look or create a fantasy, latex inspired palette for party night, the technique is an important step in mastering this unique style. Follow these tips for glossy eyes that are guaranteed to turn heads. Glossy Runway Makeup Trends While it can sometimes be difficult for…

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How to apply eye makeup to make eyes look younger

Using eye makeup to make eyes look younger, can improve self-esteem and help one to feel refreshed and revitalized! Revitalized Eyes Eyes that were once youthful in appearance (bright, alert and under-eye circle free) can become wrinkle-prone, dry, and irritated with age. While turning back the clock completely is impossible, there are steps that can…

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Eye Makeup Styles

Choosing the right eye makeup styles depends on several factors, including your eye shape, your eye color and skin tone, your personality, and the occasion. Although there is no limit to how creative you can get with eye makeup, understanding the basic styles can help you decide on a specific look. Types of Eye Makeup…

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How To Do Cat Eye Makeup Perfectly

Some beauty trends never fade. Though each season ushers in a new crop of in-demand colors, application techniques, and crazy contours, glamorous cat eyes are an unwavering staple. This style uses eyeliner to create a look that is simple and elegant yet undeniably bold. Cat Eye Makeup Application There are many occasions when a cat…

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Eye Makeup for Sagging Eyelids

The right eye makeup for sagging eyelids can help women achieve a more rested, youthful look. Makeup does so many different things. Teens and young women often use it to look more mature, while older women typically want to appear younger. If your eyelids sag due to heredity or age, you can use a few…

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Eye Makeup for Grey Eyes

Choosing the right eye makeup for grey eyes can really enhance your eyes, whether they are a rich shade of inky grey or a light grey-blue. Gorgeous Grey Eye Colors Like all eye colors, there is no singular grey that encompasses all hues. Just like their green, blue, and brown-eyed sisters, there is a wide…

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Eye and Lip Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes

Are you seeking makeup tips for hazel eyes? Green and hazel eyed women have a variety of ways to accentuate their unique an appealing eye color. The following eye makeup tips for hazel eyes are sure to help you’re unique trait stand out! Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes Women with hazel eyes have the best…

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