How to apply fantasy eye makeup

Fantasy eye makeup can create dramatically different eyes for a variety of different occasions. Whether it’s a celebrity look, a bit of sparkle, or lash drama, the wide variety of unique eye makeup products available today make it easy to achieve the look you want!

How to apply fantasy eye makeup

How to apply fantasy eye makeup

When to Wear Fantasy Eye Cosmetics

While you probably won’t want to wear fantasy, highly dramatic, or character makeup to work, there are plenty of other places to wear fantasy eyes. Occasions or venues may include:

  • Parties/clubs
  • Evenings out
  • Special photographs or glamour shots
  • Live action role play theater or murder mystery events
  • Costume parties or Halloween events
  • Theatrical or musical events/productions
  • Dance performances
  • Special modeling shoots
  • Romantic evenings or intimate role play
  • Transgender/cross dressing makeovers
  • Contests


Although the specific style of dramatic eye makeup will differ depending on the look you want to achieve, there are several aspects commonly used for these eye makeup ideas.


Bright, smoky, or unusual color is often used in creating fantasy eye looks. Since most everyday makeup utilizes neutral or muted colors, using bright or more unique colors can really draw attention to eyes! Brilliant liners and candy-colored shadows can make eyes irresistible and fantastical.

Shine and Shimmer

Stepping out of reality often calls for special effects – and when it comes to eyes, this might mean piling on the shine. Leave the beige matte shadow behind, because fantasy calls for fuchsia glitter. Many eye shadow brands have various effects, such as iridescent, glitter, pearlescent, shimmer, metallic, diamond, marbled, or other finishes.

Bold and Dramatic

Whether it’s a celebrity makeup, Cleopatra eye makeup, or an alluring eye for evening, with this style of eye makeup, it’s typically going to be dark or dramatic. This means layers of eye shadow, heavy liner, and false eyelashes or several coats of volumizing and lengthening mascara to get those attention grabbing eyes. Even men’s fantasy cosmetics for eyes may be very bold – even if it’s just applying eyeliner, men (think Jack Sparrow!).

Fantasy Eye Styles

Although there are literally thousands of fantasy eye makeup styles, this section touches on a few popular looks.

  • Cat Eyes: A look inspired by the sixties and reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn, cat eyes can be an incredible and fun look. The look is created with dramatic liner with a winged application at the outer corner of the eye, and angled eye shadow.
  • Glitter Eye Makeup: Want to feel like a pixie or princess for going out or for your holiday makeup? Glitter eye make offers a dazzling feminine fantasy look. Looks include a thick sweep of colored glitter eye shadow on the lid, a contoured eye with several shades of glitter color, and a more subtle look with iridescent or shimmer shadows. The look is typically accompanied by dark liner on top or both top and lower lid. Visit MakeupGeek for a great selection of glitter and shimmer eye makeup options.
  • Celebrity Eye Makeup: Everyone has a certain fantasy celebrity – the one you’d love to look like, whether it’s Marilyn Monroe eyes or Angelina Jolie. Although your favorite celeb might have a makeup artist at her beck and call, you can still copy your eye makeup from studying pictures or celebrity eye makeup tutorials.
  • Fantasy Character Eye Makeup: LoveToKnow offers a number of character eye makeup articles, whether you need to turn into someone else for Halloween fun or for serious drama in theatrical production. Browse the How to Apply Makeup Category for articles on fantasy eyes for Geishas, vampires, and more special effects makeup.
  • Fantasy Men’s Eye Makeup: Sorry, ladies, it’s not just for you anymore! From a simple lash line to darken the eyes and add drama to a permanent eye makeup options for men, there are a variety of options for men in the eye makeup department. Men can find character and celebrity makeup styles on the web, too, or for those looking for crossing gender lines, select salons offer services to do fantasy eyes and complete transformation makeup.

Fantasy Eye Shadow by Britney Spears

The pop princess teamed up with Elizabeth Arden to market fragrances, makeup and other beauty products. Sold under Britney Spears Beauty, the ‘Fantasy’ collection includes the Look my Way Color Kit that includes Midnight, Pixie, Enchanted Forest, and Flicker (lavender) eye shadows.

More Products

Most makeup manufacturers carry a range of products that include eye makeup perfect for creating fantasy eye looks. You can also check sites that sell special effects, stage, and dance and pageant makeup for a wider range and products with more staying power.

A few products specifically named for their fantasy looks include:

  • Revlon Fantasy Shadow/Liner
  • Revlon Lash Fantasy
  • Stila Fall Fantasy Palettes
  • AVC Iridescent ‘Fantasy’ Eye Shadow (purple glitter)
  • Too Faced Eye shadow Duo Fantasy Island
  • Stargazer Fantasy Marble Eye Shadow

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