Basic Steps for Sexy Eyes

Are you in the mood for some sexy eyes? Nothing says sexy more than eyes that truly sparkle. Creating a sultry look for eyes can be simpler than one would think and perfects any look. Start with a naked eye and layer color for sexy eyes that feel flirty and confident.

Basic Steps for Sexy Eyes

Basic Steps for Sexy Eyes

Priming the Lids

To help shadows and liner adhere to their best ability, apply a smoothing base to minimize imperfections and act as a foundation for color.

  • Cleanse the eye area and apply your favorite eye cream with delicate, tapping motions.

Insider Tip: Always tap with the ring or pinky finger to apply the least amount of pressure and move inward around the orbital bone to avoid pulling or stretching the skin.

  • Choose an eye base or concealer in a shade slightly lighter than your skin tone.
  • Gently tap with fingers or blend with a brush onto lids and under the eyes. Remember to start with less and build coverage as needed.

Apply Color

Now that your eyes are primed and ready to go, pick a medium to dark shade of eye shadow to apply. When choosing, remember that brighter shades will add a flirty feel while deeper tones lend a more sultry effect. Sweep a sexy eye color along the base of the lash line, from inner corner to outer. Make sure that the color curves up and out towards the outer corner of the eye to create a soft, smoky effect. Start with less color and gradually add more as you go until you achieve the desired sexy eyes appearance. Your application should be softer for daytime and can increase for en evening look. Continue buffing your lid shade up to the crease of the eye and out, concentrating more color on the outer corner.

Next, choose your favorite highlighting shade. This can be a creamy white color or soft, sandy shimmer. Apply this shade under the brow bone and blend into existing shades. You want colors to melt into one another for the softest most professional affect.

Mascara and Liner

Select a liner color that compliments your entire sexy eye look. Smooth the color tight to the lash line on the top lid and lift near outer corners. Blend away any line with a brush or applicator. Under the eyes, start at the outer corner and lightly blend your liner color inward. Try to “fill in” between lashes for eyes that truly pop. Go over the line with a brush or applicator to smooth and blend.

Mascara is the icing on the cake for any eye look. Choose glossy black mascara that adds both volume and length. Start at the root of the lashes on the upper lid and work your mascara brush outward and upward.

Insider Tip: For extra flirty, separated lashes, wiggle your mascara brush from side to side as you go up and out. For the lower lashes, tickle the tips of the lashes with your mascara wand, this adds length and color to the lower eye area without looking overdone.

Frame the Eye

Frame the eye area by accentuating the brows and highlighting the skin around the sexy eyes. Take a brow gel (either tinted or clear) and gently groom brows into place. This creates a professional finish and draws attention to your sexy eye look.

Next, take your highlighter shade of eye color and a gently buff a small amount along the skin around the orbital bone. Try this with a fluffy blush brush and remember that less is more.

Quick Sexy Eyes Tips

  • Always start with less color and add more until you achieve the most comfortable look. Keep in mind that sexy eyes don’t need to be dark and intense.
  • Blend! Keep colors flowing and erase excessive color strokes by blending color gently.
  • Try some color! A dash of color can be fun and sexy. Start with a fun eyeliner shade on the lower lid and work up to a more confident, bold lid shade. Don’t be afraid to experiment.
  • Practice makes perfect. Try your new sexy eyes look a few times at home. Ask a friend to comment on your application and share techniques. A trial run is always a great idea before your sexy eye debut.

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