Makeup for Baggy Eyes

If your peepers tend to look a bit tired every now and then (and whose don’t?), you may benefit from a few tips relating to makeup for baggy eyes. Whether you suffer from deep under eye bags or are just dealing with a temporary bout of exhaustion, you know just how visible and unsightly they can look. These tips and tricks will help you conceal them and lend the appearance of a more vibrant, healthy eye area.

Makeup for Baggy Eyes

Makeup for Baggy Eyes

About Baggy Eyes

If you happen to look extra-tired today or are on the receiving end of a few annoying comments about waking up on the wrong side of the bed, chances are you might be dealing with bagginess beneath your eyes. Baggy eyes are more than just under eye bags. They also encompass puffiness, darkness and shadows. In short, baggy eyes can be defined as those pesky little symptoms that make you appear much older and more exhausted than you actually are.

Due in part to the natural aging process, a certain amount of bagginess is normal in men and women. The progression of time may increase the appearance of bagginess in some people, while others may luck out if their parents do not haved heavy bags beneath their eyes.

Of course, there’s more to it than nature and heredity. There’s that little thing called life that takes its toll over time, too – in particular, the habits you adopt and the lifestyle you live. Everything from the amount of sleep you get to the quantity of sodium in your diet can have a major impact on the condition of the skin around your eyes.


Some individuals suffer so greatly that they choose to undergo cosmetic surgery to fix the under eye area. This is one option, and it’s not to be discounted, particularly if the bagginess truly bothers you and diminishes your self-esteem. What to do, though, if going under the knife is not at the top of your to-do list? Turn to makeup.

Makeup for Baggy Eyes

Bear in mind that not all problems relating to baggy eyes can be resolved by makeup application. For example, if the bags run very deep or if those shadows have made a permanent home for themselves on your face, you may be better off looking into more permanent solutions, like eye lifts or the less invasive wrinkle fillers (such as Restylane, which is injected into the area). Makeup could improve the appearance of your eyes in other cases, though. Try these useful tips if those baggy eyes are hampering your style!

  • Dark shadows and circles can easily make you look sluggish. Refresh your look with a touch of concealer in either a peach- or salmon-colored hue. These shades are especially appropriate for covering dark areas that appear blue or red. Look to Jane Iredale for an impressive selection of concealers that are available in a variety of colors and packed with nourishing ingredients. When you apply your concealer, dot it beneath the dark area and blend upward into the circles.
  • If puffiness is your demon, battle it with the right product. Apply a hydrating, cooling eye product to clean skin prior to makeup application (try Per-fekt Beauty Eye Perfection Gel or Caudalie Contour Cream for Eyes and Lips, which also fights fine lines and wrinkles, alleviates dark circles and is rich in antioxidants). Allow it to sink in before applying a light concealer with a nylon brush beneath the puffy area. Finish with a concealer that is at least a shade darker than your usual foundation. This, in collaboration with the eye cream, will create a more youthful appearance.

A Few Extra Tips

Though it’s easy enough to apply concealer, apply makeup for baggy eyes does require a certain amount of finesse. These tricks of the trade will ensure more accurate coverage of all the woes associated with baggy eyes.

Prime your skin prior to applying foundation and concealer. Some industry favorites include Smashbox’s Photo Finish Foundation Primer and Boscia’s Jujube Salve Stick, which can be applied directly to the problem area right from the tube. Consider primer a canvas for your foundation and concealer – it keeps them in place.

If the symptoms of bagginess are exacerbated after you apply your makeup or eye products, avoid using anything scented in this delicate area.

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