How to apply eye makeup to make eyes look younger

Using eye makeup to make eyes look younger, can improve self-esteem and help one to feel refreshed and revitalized!

Revitalized Eyes

Eyes that were once youthful in appearance (bright, alert and under-eye circle free) can become wrinkle-prone, dry, and irritated with age. While turning back the clock completely is impossible, there are steps that can be taken to shave off five, even ten years!

How to apply eye makeup to make eyes look younger

How to apply eye makeup to make eyes look younger

Invest in an Eye Cream

Before turning to eye makeup to make eyes look younger, it is imperative to invest in a good eye cream. Even if one is in their twenties, this is a wise decision (it can be a lifesaver after a late night!). Look for creams that are:

  • Extremely lightweight: Once applied the cream should completely disappear.
  • Vitamins: Vitamins that help to ease dark circles and build collagen are ideal.
  • Fight wrinkles: Eye creams like Olay’s Revitalized Eyes should do the trick!

Find Eye Makeup to Make Eyes Look Younger

Once the right eye cream is in place, it’s time to cover any dark areas correctly. Instead of just dabbing concealer on dark circles, look for a yellow-based concealer one shade lighter than your foundation. Apply this cover-up as close to the lash line as possible, blending it right up to the eye and on the insides of the nose.

Next, it’s time to search for the right texture. For this, consider cream shadows. They blend effortlessly, won’t flake, tug or pull, and are all-around gentle to the eye area.

Now it’s time for the eye makeup. Consider the following steps:

Assemble the Tools

For most eye makeup looks, reach for a:

  • Base: Choose a hue that will match the skin tone and even it out slightly. Think white, bone, toast or banana. Using a large shadow brush, completely saturate lids from the lash line to the brow bone.
  • Lids: Here, choose a medium toned shade (ideally, one that’s neutral). Brown eyes can try taupe or sable; blue eyes gray or heather. Green-eyed gals sparkle in yellow taupe or camel. Use a medium sized shadow brush and apply from the lash line up, to the crease, to add dimension.
  • Contour: Contour colors are great for dramatic looks, or use them to offset deep-set or droopy eyes. For this, use a contour shade that is darker than the lid shadow in the crease.

Tips to Look Younger

  • Skip bottom heavy eyeliner: Going heavy on the bottom of the eye can draw the face downward; the end result looks tired and face heavy. Remember, the upper lids should always look a bit more intense than the bottom half. This is because the top half frames the eyes to make them “pop.”
  • For saggy lids: To fix saggy lids, recreate a more youthful glow by choosing a medium to deep shade of shadow. Start at the upper corner of the eye and sweep the shadow in and downward toward the crease of the eyelid. From there, brush from the outside lower corner of the eye, up to the crease. What this does is create a sideways “V.”
  • For bright eyes: Making the eyes appear brighter is possible by keeping the liner on the upper lid more intense than liner on the lower lid.
  • Minimize fine lines: Trying to cover crow’s feet with concealer tends to make them more noticeable. Instead, start with a hydrating eye cream (to plump up the lines). Next, pat creamy concealer into the crinkles. From there, choose matte shadows; in most cases, shimmer only emphasizes lines as we age.

Final Steps: Brows and Lashes

Finally, lashes tend to become sparser with age. To counteract this, double line the eyelids to create an illusion of fullness. This is done by darkening the “roots” of the lashes. Alternatively, curling the lashes (with an eye curler) after a shower will also create fuller looking lashes.

The final step is the brows. Remember to fill them in (either with a touch of shadow or a pencil). Fuller brows always look younger, skinny brows tend to look older. Just remember to keep them neat and they will appear more youthful.

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