Eye Makeup for Sagging Eyelids

The right eye makeup for sagging eyelids can help women achieve a more rested, youthful look. Makeup does so many different things. Teens and young women often use it to look more mature, while older women typically want to appear younger. If your eyelids sag due to heredity or age, you can use a few makeup tricks to camouflage them.

Realistic Results

While careful makeup application can help disguise the appearance of sagging lids, be realistic in what makeup can and can’t do. Cosmetics are temporary and your results will not only depend on your skill, but also on how dramatic the drooping is. If your sagging lids are very severe or bother you a lot, you may find plastic surgery a better option than just makeup.

Priming the Eyes

Before you apply any makeup, you can try various products that claim to help minimize the sagging to begin with. Avon’s Anew Multi-Performance Eye System promises to instantly firm up those drooping eyelids. It’s an eye cream that can be used morning and night, underneath makeup. Also by Avon, Please Hold Eye Primer is another product that goes on before makeup. It claims to conceal dark circles and puffiness. L’Oreal makes an Anti-Sagging and Ultra Hydrating eye cream which is designed to not only firm skin around the eyes, but moisturize as well.

Applying Eye Makeup for Sagging Eyelids

Try these tips for minimizing the appearance of eyelid sagging:

  • Light colors: Light eye shadow makes the eye area more visible and brings it forward. You want to create radiance, so use colors that work well with your skin tone. Fair skinned women may use pearl or white shadow, while women with medium or dark complexions may find peach, light taupe or gold shadows work to highlight eyes.
  • Careful contouring: Once a base eye shadow is applied, contour just the crease of the lid with a darker color. Swipe the outer corner of this contour line slightly up. You can also apply a highlighter right under the browbone, which will draw the eye upward, away from those sagging lids.
  • Line the right way: Thick, harsh eyeliner won’t complement those sagging lids, so apply eyeliner lightly in an eye-brightening color. Instead of black, choose deep purple, sapphire blue or forest green. Some liners contain hints of metallic shades and can help bring out your eye color, which will downplay drooping.
  • Mascara magic: If you work on making your eyelashes longer and more voluminous, it can make your lashes stand out, decreasing attention on sagging lids. Use an eyelash curler before putting on mascara; this easy trick really opens up the eye area. Next, apply two to three coats of mascara, paying special attention to the outer corners. Elongate the outer edges as much as you can; if this requires false lashes from time to time, have fun with them.

Beautiful Eyes

Knowing just a few tips and tricks on applying eye makeup for sagging eyelids can help women feel more confident in their looks. Short of plastic surgery, cosmetics can shift the focus away from an area you don’t want to highlight. While genetics and age play major roles in whether or not you end up with drooping lids, you can always play around with makeup colors in order to downplay them. Choose bright and vibrant lip colors to draw attention to your mouth, or take great care of your skin in order to make it luminous. Your sagging eyelids will soon fade into the background when you play up other parts of your face.

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