Do You Curl Lashes First or Apply Mascara First

Why Curl Lashes

If you’ve never used an eyelash curler before, you might wonder if they even make a difference in how your mascara looks once it’s applied. Some women are understandably anxious about putting this strange-looking instrument anywhere near their delicate eyelids. With practice and care, anyone can learn to curl her lashes for a sexy eye look.

Eyelash curlers make your lashes curl up, giving you a more wide-eyed appearance that’s considered so attractive. Your lashes, therefore, look longer, which is what many women want when they apply mascara. If you wear mascara without curling your lashes first, and then compare it to lashes that have been curled, you’ll definitely notice a difference. Some women cannot imagine living without their eyelash curlers.

Answer to Do You Curl Lashes First or Apply Mascara First

So why is it so important to curl your lashes before you apply your mascara? The reason is because mascara, no matter how expensive and luxurious, hardens your lashes to some degree. If you put mascara on and then curl your lashes, you can break your lashes off, and no one wants to do that! Another reason you want to curl lashes first is because curling them after mascara is on runs the risk of getting mascara all over your curlers.

Curling Your Eyelashes

Although eyelash curlers can look a little scary, they’re a great way to give your eyes the extra edge they need to really “pop.” Once you learn how to do your eye makeup, using curlers will become second nature. Eyelash curlers are inexpensive and easy to use. The main thing to remember is to go slowly, especially your first time using them. Otherwise, you can pinch your eyelids.

After applying your foundation, if you wear it, and powder, follow these steps for professional eyelash curling:

  1. Bring the eyelash curler as close to the base of your lashes as possible without touching your lids.
  2. Slowly close them over your lashes, being careful not to pinch your skin.
  3. Make sure they’re closed well and squeeze the handle.
  4. Move them slightly to the middle of your lashes and squeeze them again.
  5. Bring them forward a little more and squeeze again.

Each squeeze should only last two or three seconds. By squeezing on a few different points along your lashes, you give them the maximum curl. Once your lashes are curled, apply the mascara of your choice and see what a difference curling your lashes makes!

Great Eye Makeup

If you already have long, luscious lashes that have a natural curl to them, consider yourself lucky. You might not ever need eyelash curlers. However, for other women who want to make their eyes appear as dramatic and sexy as possible, knowing the answer to “do you curl your lashes first or apply mascara first” can make a world of difference. Curling lashes works as well during the day as it does at night. Knowing how to use your eyelash curlers is just another smart technique you can use to make the most of those beautiful eyes.

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