Application Advice for Avoiding Bleeding Mascara

If your mascara has a tendency to smudge easily, you will want to start with your lashes first in your makeup application schedule. By applying the mascara initially, before any other cosmetic like foundation, concealer or eye makeup, it allows you to create a clean surface around your eyes at the very beginning. Then, even if you do get a little mascara on the skin around the eyes, it is easy to wipe clean providing the perfect canvas for the rest of your makeup routine.

Application Advice for Avoiding Bleeding Mascara

Application Advice for Avoiding Bleeding Mascara

To help avoid bleeding mascara, try using a primer on your lashes before beginning with your mascara. Primers are designed to condition your lashes and encourage mascara to last longer. Both functions will help prevent the bleeding caused by excessive mascara losing its adhesion to your lashes. Make sure that the primer has completely dried before starting with your mascara.

Applying two to three thin coats of mascara, with drying time in between, is preferable to one thick coat that is more likely to clump and bleed. Each time you use the mascara wand, tissue off the tip before applying to your lashes. This will remove the excess clump that adds to the mascara buildup and eventually leads to bleeding problems later. After you have applied all the coats of mascara you desire, remember to comb with an eyelash brush removing the surplus and separating the lashes.

Another consideration is to not place any mascara on the lower lashes. The lower lashes rest closer to your skin and are more likely to bleed into your eye area. The current eye trend is to have a stronger makeup collection on the upper eye and less on the lower. Therefore, by eliminating mascara on the lower lashes you will remain in fashion and decrease the probability of bleeding mascara.

Touch Ups

If you are particularly active or rub your eyes often during the day, your mascara is going to have some problems with bleeding. On those extra stressful days, carry a touch up kit with you to short-circuit the problem before it begins. All you really need is some eye makeup remover, q-tips, concealer and mascara in your travel kit. Reapplying the makeup under your eyes is also a great refresher during a busy day. Simply clean the area under and around your eyes with the makeup remover and q-tips. Reapply the concealer only in that area and touch up the mascara if necessary.

Go Without

While there is nothing better to wake up your face than mascara on your lashes, some days you may need to go without. Traveling on a plane or a busy all-day conference is a good example of times when the risk of mascara bleeding may outweigh the benefit it offers your facial appearance. On these days, there are some ways to give the facade of mascara without actually wearing it.

The first is to effectively curl your lashes. While many women are insecure about using an eyelash curler, most experts swear by them. With some simple steps you can quickly open your eyes and brighten your face without having to apply mascara. Start with your basic eyelash curler. For a longer lasting effect, heat the sponge area slightly with a hair dryer – but be careful it doesn’t get too hot. Place the curler close to the base of your lashes: squeeze, count to ten, and release. Then, walk the curler out towards the tips of the lashes squeezing as you move along to help encourage the lashes to curl and not simply crimp. For a more effective curl and less risk of injury or infection, be sure to replace your eyelash curler yearly.

After curling, apply a thin stroke of eyeliner as close to the eyelashes as possible. This will present the appearance of a darker lash line that mascara often provides, but the eyeliner is less likely to bleed or smudge. Lastly, you can apply a thin coat of clear mascara to help hold the curl and thicken the lashes slightly.

Types of Mascara

Waterproof mascara stays put the best, given the descriptive name it is less likely to run off with sweat and moisture. Unfortunately, it is not a perfect solution as mascara bleeding is often caused by the oils in the skin and not simply water. One should ideally choose the mascara that offers them the appearance they are looking for: volumizing, lengthening or even both. Then, you can always apply a coat of waterproof mascara on top as an extra layer of protection. Just remember to carefully remove waterproof mascara at the end of the day to ensure the health of your lashes is maintained.

Other Options

If bleeding mascara continues to be a problem for your appearance, you might consider other ways to enhance your eyelashes other than mascara. One method is to have them dyed at a local salon. For many women with light colored or thin lashes, this does the trick and enables then to avoid mascara all together.

If the cost or hassle of dying your lashes seems too great, false eyelashes are also a great option. The versions available today are easier to apply and look quite natural. Choose from either individual lashes or a strip type. It will take practice to learn to wear them so be patient and don’t give up.

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