Spring Makeup Tutorials Beauty Tips & Tricks

Spring is here and in the same way flowers and sprouts break free from the earth to let their beauty shine, we too are trying to find ways of freeing our radiant beauty. When it comes to Spring makeup, some color and definition are all you need to enhance your natural features. In this article, I’ll go over a few tricks I’ve learned that can help breathe some new life into your makeup routine! This Spring’s fashion forecast is all about simplicity and earth-tone colors!

Spring Makeup Tutorials Beauty Tips & Tricks

Spring Makeup Tutorials Beauty Tips & Tricks

Beauty Tips and Tricks for Spring

Springtime is about beauty, colors and the natural wonder that is planet Earth. Enhance your natural beauty with these tips and tricks to help you stay Springtime perfect.


The most important part of your makeup routine is always going to be your skin. For a long time, I relied on heavy foundation to cover my blemishes and create that clean, perfect canvas necessary in makeup application. But then I switched over to BB creams and while, at first, the coverage seemed too light for my liking, I noticed that with BB cream, my skin was starting to improve. I highly recommend Rimmel Wake me Up Radiance BB cream; it feels fresh and provides just enough coverage!

Using your fingers or a foundation brush, apply a small amount of BB cream all over your face. Be sure to massage it firmly into your skin to avoid streaking. If you’re using a foundation brush, apply your makeup in downward strokes, as that is the natural direction the hairs on your face lie. The next step after your BB cream is blush.


I like to use pressed powder blush because, in my opinion, they last longer than some cream blushes. Maybelline, CoverGirl, and Bobbi Brown have some lovely pigmented blushes in Spring-perfect pink shades that flatter any and every skin tone. To apply, load a little blush onto a fluffy brush, tap off the excess powder and, using circular motions, lightly blend the color onto the apples of your cheeks. If you’d like, you can even brush a little color onto the bridge of your nose and forehead for an illuminating, rosy glow.


Brows are my favorite part of my morning makeup routine. A little shaping and definition goes a long way in creating a beautiful frame for the face. To achieve a natural look, use a simple eyebrow pencil in your desired shade and follow your natural arch using light strokes. Another option is taking a clean, old mascara wand and using it to brush your eyebrows neatly into place with the aid of a little gel.

Eye Shadow

I love using natural, warm colors for eye shadow. A beautiful look can be achieved with just two or three colors in warm pink or brown hues. I like washing my eyelid with a light shade, and then carefully blending a darker color into the crease with a blending brush or my finger. The darker color in the crease will draw attention upwards, giving off the impression of wakefulness.


Moving on to mascara: Don’t worry if you weren’t born with long, thick lashes! A few simple tricks can be used to make the most of what you have. The first step is to curl your lashes. After you have curled them, take your mascara wand and wiggle the spooly ( the applicator section) down in the roots of your lashes. Draw the spooly out to the ends. Repeat this drawing motion until your lashes are the desired thickness.


Eyeliner can be tricky, but is used to lift up the face and can add a little Audrey Hepburn flair to your look. My eyeliner of choice is a felt tip pen, like Maybelline’s Master Precise Eye Studio liner or Smashbox’ Limitless Liquid Liner pen. If you want to achieve a slightly winged look, simply draw a line upwards at the corner of your eye, following the curve of your lower lash line. Then, complete the mini triangle, following the upper lash line to meet the other stroke. Fill in the empty space to complete the wing. Similar to eye shadow, a winged look draws attention to your eyes and lifts the face.

To finish your Springtime look, swipe on a little berry-tinted lip balm. Since we’re keeping the look Spring-y and fresh, a little color is all you need! I hope these simple steps help you enjoy your makeup routine a little more and achieve that perfect Spring makeup look! Remember though, true beauty is reflected through kind words, selfless actions, and a genuine smile.

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