How To Make Eyebrows Thicker With Makeup

Step 1: Prep Your Eyebrows

Always start with a clean face and make sure that you moisture well.

Comb your brows using an eyebrow comb or a clean mascara wand. Tweeze any extra hair away if required. This is an important step, for you need to know the natural shape of your brows.

Now, you can pick any of these for filling up your eyebrows—pencil, eyeshadow/powder, or brow gel—or even a combination of these. For the purpose of this tutorial, we shall be using a combination of pencil and eyeshadow. Using a pencil definitely makes this whole process practically effortless, and the powder adds polish and gives a more natural finish.

How To Make Eyebrows Thicker With Makeup

How To Make Eyebrows Thicker With Makeup

Step 2: Fill Them In

Start filling your eyebrow with the pencil from the mid-beginning. Your brows tend to be sparse at the beginning point, so filling them in too much looks extremely unnatural. Just go along with the natural shape of your brows and do not try to create an entirely different shape.

To fill them in, use short, gentle strokes.

Step 3: Intensify Your Eyebrows

Fill in the entire length of the eyebrow. Make sure you do not go over-the-top with the filling in. Just trace the natural shape of your brows, and thicken and intensify them just a little.

Step 4: Refine Them With Powder

Pencil strokes alone can look patchy, so we are going to use powder as well for the perfect finish. Use a brow powder for this step. If you don’t have some in your stock, you can always use a matte eyeshadow. Don’t use a shade that is too dark. You can go for an angled brush or a smudge brush to fill in your brows.

Step 5: Conceal And Perfect

To make your brows even more defined, you can use a concealer/foundation slightly lighter than your skin tone on the upper and lower brow bone for a neater look. To finish it all off, use an eyebrow gel. This will help in keeping the makeup in place and set the eyebrow hair as well.

Voila! You now have successfully filled in your brows! Thick, full, defined, and polished—and natural-looking all the way! As you can see, just filling them in makes all the difference. Now that you know how to make eyebrows thicker with makeup, it’s time for you to practice it a little to perfect it. Don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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