Easy Brow Fill Technique – How I fill in my eyebrows

Lately I’ve had a lot of nice comments about my eyebrows which I find ironic as my brows are my least favourite part of my face – actually no, my nose is my least favourite part as I’ve broken it in a childhood fall, but brows come a close 2nd in terms of things-I’d-like-to-change-about-my-face. But none the less, thank you everyone for making me feel good about my eyebrows. The thing that’s different lately is I’ve been using both a pencil and a powder to fill them in and here’s how I do it.

This post is purely about how I fill in my eyebrows, and not how I shape them. I normally just shape them myself with tweezers trying to stick to the golden ratio rule. Anyway, moving to how I fill them in.

First, lets look at the obligatory before and after image shall we?

How I fill in my eyebrows

How I fill in my eyebrows

How horrific are my natural brows, right? I have patchy brows which means using just a powder will not give me a precise line, so I draw my desired shape then go over it with powder eyeshadow to make it look natural.

How I fill in my brows

How I fill in my eyebrows 02

That’s it! As an optional step you can apply clear brow gel to seal the look in place and reduce the brow makeup from rubbing off. I don’t generally apply brow gel unless it’s a very hot day and I don’t want to sweat off my brows!

The finished look

How I fill in my eyebrows 03

Products used

  • Rimmel eyebrow pencil in Black/Brown – I have been using this for years and I hope they don’t discontinue it. I love it because it’s not too creamy. The slightly dry texture makes it easy to draw a precise line and the handy brush on the lid is actually quite useful to comb unruly lashes back into place.
  • Matte brown eyeshadow – I mainly use Inglot eyeshadow in #363 but any matte cool brown shadow will do as long as it’s good quality and doesn’t have fallout.
  • Small brush – There are some good eyebrow brushes out there, but the one I use is actually a lip brush. It’s got stiff bristles and the shape makes it easy for me to draw on my brows.

How I fill in my eyebrows 04

I hope you found this mini tutorial useful, and once again if there’s a tutorial you’d like me to do just let me know!

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