How to Cut Your Hair at Home

A home haircut can either be a tremendous savings or a potential disaster. Many people assume they can cut hair easily, but without the proper preparation, a bad hair day could be only moments away. Three DIY Haircut Options The best cut-your-own-hair options are ones that are simple, straightforward, and do not require a lot…

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Styles To Choose From When Perming Your Hair

When most people think of a perm, they don’t realize how many different perm looks there really are. Perms can be formal, fun, flirty, or functional – depending on the style. Get the right perm for your personal style and hair type for effortless beauty. Classic Curls Classic tight curls are easy to style and…

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Hairstyle Tips to Slim the Face

Whether you are battling extra weight or have a round facial structure, you may be seeking hairstyles to slim the face. Thankfully there are plenty of secret ways you can create a slimmer facial appearance with the ideal haircut. Take a look at the following tips and style ideas and have your stylist create a…

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Hairstyles for Box Braids

Once a set of box braids has been installed, there are numerous ways to style them. Since the braids are very versatile, they allow the wearer of the braids to be creative when styling them. Four Styling Options for Box Braids Note: These styles assume that your hair already has box braids. High Bun A…

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Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Faces

While certain looks can be worn without hesitation, most hairstyles for heart-shaped faces should strive to add enough width to balance out the narrow chin that defines this shape. Many women throw caution to the wind and pick a hairstyle that complements their hair texture and lifestyle without regard to their face shape. Understanding the…

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How to Create French Braids

French braids are an elegant hair style with endless possibilities for unique and creative variations. While most people are familiar with the techniques for traditional hair braiding, French plaits often intimidate even experienced braiders. With care and patience, this braiding method is easy and can lead to beautiful styles. How to Create French Braids Basic…

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Permanent Waves Hair

Perms, or permanent waves, are a way to create curly styles without the hassle of daily heat treatments or uncomfortable nights in rollers. The styles were particularly popular in the 1980s, when tight curls were all the rage, but today’s permanent styles are far more versatile and suitable for many different looks. Permanent Waves Permanent…

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How to Create Pin Up Hairstyles

For many women, creating pin up hairstyles is an exciting way to capture the feminine essence of a bygone era. Pin up styles with a modern flair can be recreated at home with a few hair products and tools. Vintage Hair Styles Few eras are as iconic as the 1940s and the 1950s as far…

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Simple Side Braided Hairstyle

Most regular braids can be worked to the side to create an elegant variation. Side braids can be worn on their own, added to an overall style, or pinned to create an updo. These braids may take some practice to master but once you get the hang of them, you’ll discover how much fun they…

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How To: Easy Messy Updo hair

Chic and sexy, messy updos make a gorgeous style statement with minimal effort. Whether you’re dressing down for the day or headed out to a glam event, a slightly unkempt updo style can be a surprisingly versatile option. In other words, it’s “messy” as you’ve never seen it before! Messy styles are surprisingly versatile. Women…

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How To French Twist Hair

The French twist is a simple, elegant updo hair style with endless variations for flair and personalization. Knowing how to do a basic twist will help you create sophisticated styles for any event. Hair Length French twists work best in medium to long hair, though having multiple layers can complicate the twist and make it…

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How to Create a Flat Twist Ponytail

A flat twist ponytail is a unique and easy to wear hairstyle that is most often flaunted by African American hair types. Similar in effect to cornrow braids, a flat twist ponytail is a labor intensive process that keeps the hair confined and close to the scalp. Perfect for the hot days of summer, twists…

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Easy Ways to Accessorize Ponytail Styles

Easy ponytail styles aren’t hard to come by, but it is a challenge to give this practically archaic hair style a modern kick. Following the Ponytail Trend Ponytails have evolved over the decades. They’ve gone from super tight to super loose, from high on the head to low near the neck and even on the…

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Hair Straightening Tips – How To Straighten Hair

If you’re ready for an effortless style, you may want to consider cute hairstyles that are easy to do with a straightener. Flat irons have gained in popularity over the past decade and show no signs of slowing down. Thanks to their ease of styling, straightening irons make it possible for nearly anyone to have…

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Instructions for braiding hair in cornrows

Cornrows are not only a great hairstyle but are also a deeply rooted part of African history. How to Braid The steps to creating a cornrow braid hairstyle are: 1. Use a medium-to-fine-toothed comb to part the hair, separating a row of hair into your desired length. 2. Determine the direction you want the braid…

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Braiding Hair – How to Braid hair

Braids are some of the most versatile types of hair styles today. They can be done as part of an elaborate updo for a special occasions, as a way to keep hair off the face, or as a semi-permanent style that is kept in the hair for months. Depending on the style of braid, it…

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Angled and Layered Hairstyles

Layered hairstyles are one of the easiest ways to give your hair an updated, modern look. Whether short, long, piecey, choppy, razored, or sliced, layers are one of the hottest looks this season. What Layering Does For Hair Frames the Face Layering can add softness around the face, drawing attention to the eyes and cheekbones.…

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How to Do a Fishtail Braid

The fishtail braid looks rather complicated to a beginner, but it is much easier than the basic braid or the French braid. This braid can be taken from simple to dramatic with just a few tugs while braiding. The smaller the sections that you take while braiding, the more detailed the finished braid will look.…

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How to Do Micro Braids

Micro braids are tiny, delicate braids that are tightly woven into hair, and generally last for several months. The braids are most commonly seen on African American women, but can be done on nearly any hairstyle. Before Getting Micro Braids The decision to get micro braids is one that should not be taken lightly. Many…

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How to French Braid Hair

Learning how to French braid takes practice and patience, but it’s an art form that’s well worth the effort. If you’ve ever spotted a glamorous celebrity on the red carpet sporting this look, you know there’s more to it than meets the eye! It’s surprisingly versatile and offers plenty of options. The Beauty of Braids…

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