Angled and Layered Hairstyles

Layered hairstyles are one of the easiest ways to give your hair an updated, modern look. Whether short, long, piecey, choppy, razored, or sliced, layers are one of the hottest looks this season.

Angled and Layered Hairstyles

Angled and Layered Hairstyles

What Layering Does For Hair

Frames the Face

Layering can add softness around the face, drawing attention to the eyes and cheekbones. Softly layered or chunky bangs frame the face and instantly change an ordinary cut into one that will get noticed.

Adds Body

To lighten and give movement to thick, heavy hair, add some layers. Layers not only remove excess bulk, but also bring out natural texture and wave in the hair. By curling straight layered hair with a large-barreled curling iron, you can emphasize chunky layers and add fullness and body to your style.

Simplifies Styling
Layered hairstyles are typically easier and faster to style than other cuts because they dry more quickly and are lighter and easier to work with. Layering enhances the natural texture of the hair, making your style easier to achieve and more long lasting.

How Layers are Cut

Layering the hair involves lifting strands of hair off the head and cutting them at different angles in relation to the curve of the head. A uniform layered cut is typically cut at a 90 degree angle all over the head, while increased layers may be cut into long hair, with the layers increasing in length from the top to the bottom of the style. Choppy layers may be cut into the hair with the tips of the shears, a razor, or special chunking shears designed especially to produce an uneven, random effect.

Ways to Work With Layers

Layered hairstyles can be styled in many ways:

  • 1. Use a flat iron to straighten the ends of your layers, taking small sections at a time, or straighten the whole head for a sleek, smooth style.
  • 2. Pull your hair into a loose, sexy up do, letting a few strands fall freely around your face.
  • 3. For loose, easy waves, wrap sections of your hair around a large-barreled curling iron and set with styling spray.
  • 4. Apply styling gel, scrunch, and allow your hair to air dry for a casual, messy look.
  • 5. For short, spiky layers, apply a firm hold gel and blow dry, creating movement with your fingers, or arrange and air dry for a quick weekend look.

Celebrities Who Have Layered Hairstyles

Some well-known people who have been seen sporting layers include:

  • • Mandy Moore, who likes to style her layers in big, sweeping waves
  • • Salma Hayek, whose dark, shiny hair looks great with choppy, razor-cut layers
  • • Tara Reid, whose blonde layers flip under and out for a flirty, fun look
  • • Kate Beckinsale, who favors blunt, choppy layers that emphasize and frame her face
  • • Kelly Ripa, whose recently appeared on “Good Morning America” with flippy layers reminiscent of the 1960s

Caring For Layered Hairstyles

Although layered styles can be washed and worn, a basic hair care routine will keep the style looking its best:

  • • Get regular trims to keep ends healthy, at least once every six to eight weeks.
  • • Give your hair regular conditioning treatments to keep it soft, smooth, and manageable.
  • • Because your overall health is reflected in your hair, make sure you maintain a healthy diet.

In short, because of their versatility and ease of styling, layered styles will undoubtedly remain popular for a long time.

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