How to Style Side Bangs

Adding side bangs to your hairstyle is a great way to update your cut, but bangs need to be styled properly, or they will just fall flat. Even if you let your hair air dry, styling your bangs properly will make you looked polished.

How to Style Side Bangs

How to Style Side Bangs

Three Ways to Style Side Bangs

Regardless of how your bangs are cut, remember that it is easier to style them wet. Once they begin to dry, it can be difficult to achieve your desired look.

1. Styling Longer Bangs

For longer bangs, you need a blow dryer, a paddle brush, a flat iron, and smoothing serum.

  • 1. Apply smoothing serum to the ends and blow dry the hair while using a paddle brush.
  • 2. Once the hair is completely dry, section off the front and bring it forward.
  • 3. Using a rounding motion (like you’d use with a round brush), flat iron the bangs over your face.
  • 4. Allow the hair to cool for 15 seconds. Part your bangs and smooth them into place with the paddle brush.
  • 5. Use a small drop of smoothing serum to polish off your look.

2. Shorter Bangs

For shorter bangs with volume, you need a blow dryer, a large round brush, root lifter, and light hold hairspray.

Shorter Bangs

  • 1. Apply a small amount of root lifter to the root of your bangs.
  • 2. Using a large round brush, pull your bangs to the opposite side that you wear them.
  • 3. Angle the dryer downward and use your fingers to lift at the root until your bangs are dry.
  • 4. Allow your bangs to cool for 15 seconds before sweeping them to the side you want to wear them. Use your fingers to style since using a brush can create a flat or slick look.
  • 5. Finish with a light hold hairspray.

3. Textured Bangs

For textured bangs, you need a blow dryer, pomade or hair wax, and strong hold hairspray.

Textured Bangs

  • 1. Using your fingers to lift at the root, blow dry your bangs straightforward.
  • 2. Once they are completely dry, part them as desired.
  • 3. Rub a small amount of pomade or hair wax between your fingers and twist the hair at the ends of your bangs to create a textured look. Be sure that you keep the product on the lower half of your bangs to avoid making them look greasy.
  • 4. Finish with a strong hold hairspray to keep the look in place.

Be Creative With Your Bangs

Regardless of the length of your side bangs, these three styles can be modified to fit your hairstyle. Changing up the way you style your side bangs can also give you a new look, all in a matter of minutes and without committing to a new haircut. This is great to keep in mind if you are trying to grow out a cut, but find yourself getting bored with that in-between look.

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