Easy Ways to Accessorize Ponytail Styles

Easy ponytail styles aren’t hard to come by, but it is a challenge to give this practically archaic hair style a modern kick.

Following the Ponytail Trend

Ponytails have evolved over the decades. They’ve gone from super tight to super loose, from high on the head to low near the neck and even on the side. When it comes to easy ponytail styles, there isn’t a whole lot to do that hasn’t been done before. This is why it’s more important to focus on what looks good rather than what is “in” for the moment.

Easy Ways to Accessorize Ponytail Styles

Easy Ways to Accessorize Ponytail Styles

The Best of Easy Ponytail Styles

Low Ponytails

Probably the simplest of ponytail styles is the low ponytail. This ponytail style should occur at the base of your skull, near the occipital bone. When done loosely the hair is delightfully no-frills. But if you’re looking for an attractive way to make the low ponytail appropriate for the corporate office scene, try parting your hair on the side, allowing the front hair to fold over your forehead. Make sure your hair has been blown straight for the day and apply a smoothing serum to fight frizz. Secure the ponytail tightly to the lower portion of your head, making sure that each strand is in place. This style is sleek, refined, and much sexier than a classic librarian bun. Naturally, this sort of ponytail works best with long straight hair.

High Ponytails

Almost anyone will agree that the 1980s and early 1990s were a mess where hair styles were concerned. Women are lucky that their hair managed to make it through those years of excess teasing and Aqua Net. Still, the high ponytail can seriously emphasize your bone structure when executed properly. First of all, this style not be so high that it sits perfectly atop your skull. Second, this style is also more subdued when it’s working with shoulder length or medium length hair. Long hair, when pinned high on the head, will make you look like a cheerleader or a Barbie, and if you’re looking to be taken seriously at the office, forget about high ponytails. These ponytails look cute when they are loosely banded, allowing for lots of strays. Though it is somewhat of a messy look, curly hair does well with this style, as does textured medium length hair that features slight layering at the ends. Remember, whereas the low ponytail can be worn for elegance, the high ponytail places the emphasis on caprice and playfulness.

Ponytail Accessories

Maybe you’re just a fan of average, no-fuss, regular ponytails. If you don’t want to spend hours blowing out or texturing your hair in order to make your style more defined, then don’t forget the effects that cute barrettes can make on your daily look. Stars like Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and Jessica Simpson are famous for their taste in hair accessories. If you’re looking for the easiest of easy ponytail styles, then try adding a ponytail holder to your hair. This item comes in several glassy colors and can be the perfect way to add a flirty spin to an otherwise ordinary ponytail. If you aren’t exactly the bubblegum type you can put a little edge into your ponytail with one of Tarina’s Winged Butterfly Skull Bobby Pins. If that is just a bit too excessive for your daily routine, then how about a glittering Organza Butterfly? These hair accessories are so incredible the compliments will never cease. Moreover, they can dress up any humdrum ponytail in the most memorable of ways.

If you need to keep your hair out of you face but even your ponytail can’t secure your bands or the tiniest wisps that fall into your eyes, then a Stacey Lapidus headband is exactly what you’re looking for. Many of Lapidus’ styles are lined with silk and crystals, if not glittering silver mesh. They are a great way to manage stray hair without using an excess of styling products. Best yet, they are just so deliciously girly that you won’t be able to limit yourself to one! The headband trend will be here for a while, so feel free to indulge, and enjoy the different ways easy ponytail styles can be worn.

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