Hairstyle Tips to Slim the Face

Whether you are battling extra weight or have a round facial structure, you may be seeking hairstyles to slim the face. Thankfully there are plenty of secret ways you can create a slimmer facial appearance with the ideal haircut. Take a look at the following tips and style ideas and have your stylist create a flattering look at your next visit.

Hairstyle Suggestions to Slim the Face

Just as there are plenty of voluminous haircuts that add height and width to the facial structure, there are hairstyles that can slim the face as well. While these cuts are flattering on nearly every facial type, they work best on those with fuller features. Bear in mind the most flattering styles will work best with both your frame and hair texture, so keep an open mind when discussing any of these looks with your stylist.

Hairstyle Tips to Slim the Face

Hairstyle Tips to Slim the Face

  • • Shorter layers: Layers that accent your cheekbone, neckline and jawline will do wonders to create a slimmer line. While shorter layers can be incorporated into nearly any haircut, they do work best on medium to long styles. For a softer appearance, style layers with rollers or round brushes to create movement and soft waves.
  • • Grow out bangs: Ditch the hair trends and grow out your bangs if you’re battling any type of bulge. Bangs can add width to a round facial shape and should be grown out or swept to the side to create a longer and leaner facial line. If you must keep a bang, choose an eye length fringe.
  • • Opt for medium length: For the most flattering look, opt for collarbone length tresses rather than medium-short to short styles. Working best on medium to fine hair types, a long blunt cut that can be smoothed with a flat iron creates a slim, chic and modern style.

What to Avoid

Are you wearing the wrong style for your face shape?

  • • If you want to appear slimmer and have a more pronounced facial shape, you’ll want to avoid any style that adds roundness to your jawline. Leave the chin length bobs to those with chiseled cheekbones and seek out a longer, shoulder length variety instead.
  • • A slightly tapered back will help elongate the nape and create visual interest.In addition, avoid ill-placed layers that add width to the sides of your style. Too many layers around the widest part of your face will only add more bulk.
  • • In addition, if you have curly hair, be sure to avoid styles that add weight to your cheekbones or jawline. Bobs, heavy layers and voluminous curl can have the opposite effect of slimming lines. Although curly hair goes in and out of vogue, if you want a slimming style, it’s best to smooth curl if possible and create a sleeker line around your face.

Get Creative with Color

Bear in mind any style can be enhanced with color for even more figure-hiding magic. Adding depth to your color will help create a slimmer facial shape. Consider strategically placed lowlights around the face to add some contrast, or go solid in a dark hue to streamline your appearance. Always remember that highlights brighten and draw attention to features, so if you’re trying to mask weight, by all means, keep the highlights away from rounder cheeks.

Find the Perfect Style

With a bit of creative styling, artistic color and visual contrast you can achieve just the right hairstyle for a full face.

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