How To: Easy Messy Updo hair

Chic and sexy, messy updos make a gorgeous style statement with minimal effort. Whether you’re dressing down for the day or headed out to a glam event, a slightly unkempt updo style can be a surprisingly versatile option. In other words, it’s “messy” as you’ve never seen it before!

Messy styles are surprisingly versatile. Women have embraced their cute, youthful spirit and easy manageability over the years, particularly after witnessing their popularity amongst celebrities. Some have shown the style off on the red carpet with entrancing gowns and glittering heels, while others have taken advantage of its leisurely approach and worn it as the ultimate casual, street-style ‘do. Whatever the choice, there’s a messy updo to suit nearly any occasion – even a wedding.

Easy Messy Updo hair

Easy Messy Updo hair

Simple Messy Updos

Though at first glance a messy style may seem best suited for long hair lengths, even individuals with short- to medium-length hair can sport the style. Short hair can make use of clip on hair extensions to fake a messy ‘do.

Before you begin, make sure that your hair is not freshly washed. “Day old” hair is best for achieving the look since it will hold the style better. This is especially important if you plan to use many pins or other accessories to hold the look in place – your hair will simply look too “done” if it’s freshly washed.

An Elegant Mess

Ideal for prom, homecoming or a special dinner date, an elegant, messy style can be achieved following these steps:

  • 1. After combing to remove any tangles, run a dollop of mousse through the hair. Comb through.
  • 2. Divide the hair into several equally sized sections, twist each and clip into place.
    3. Dry hair completely.
  • 4. Remove clips, tease hair with fingers (turning upside down for more body if needed), and pull the hair back into a ponytail high at the crown.
  • 5. Wrap the ponytail around the base to create a bun and pin it into place, making it as undone as you wish.
  • 6. Release some strands on either side to frame the face, twisting or curling them optionally.
  • 7. Finish with a light mist of hair spray to hold it in place. This is optional, but can be helpful if you’re planning to hit the dance floor or walk in breezy weather.

Cool and Casual

When there’s nothing special on the agenda but you’d like to do something a little different than the usual ponytail, try a casual hair updo with these steps:

  • 1. Follow steps one through three as noted above.
  • 2. Part hair and separate it into two sections – a small front and a more substantial section in the back.
  • 3. Collect the back section into a loose ponytail that sits just below the crown. Tease the hair slightly for greater volume. Wrap a section of hair around your elastic and pin it.
  • 4. Sweep the front section to the side so it slightly frames the face. You may opt to pin it haphazardly back and to the side if your hair is longer or straighten it with a flat iron if you’d prefer a hint of neatness to an otherwise disorderly look.
  • 5. Finish with a light mist of hair spray.

What Makes a Messy Hairdo

“Messy” can mean just about anything when it comes to hairdos, but in the chicest sense of the word it translates into a style that appears undone and slightly haphazard, yet still exudes beauty and class. Messy styles can also be just that – messy. Uncombed and even unwashed ‘dos have been known to appeal to teenagers who are going for that “just rolled out of bed” look.

Messy updos, though, are less about appearing as though you’ve just woken up and more about revealing your glamorous side through slightly unexpected means. Note that messy doesn’t have to mean disheveled and unkempt. A few misplaced strands here and there can add a glamorously undone look to an otherwise polished hairstyle.

Easy Options

When time is of the essence, simply gather all of your hair into a low ponytail, then twist it upward and secure it with a claw. Pull a few strands loose to frame the face and enjoy the easiest style possible! For other ideas that will spark your creativity, visit our Updo Hair Style Picture Gallery and discover all that a messy yet glamorous style can do for you.

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