How to Make a Hair Bun

If you love interesting updos, how to make a hair bun is a basic skill you’ll want to master. With the flick of a wrist and a single twist, a whole new realm of unique and feminine styles can be born.

How to Make a Hair Bun

How to Make a Hair Bun

Understanding How to Make a Hair Bun

Ditch whatever theories you may have about hair buns; they aren’t too mature, too conservative or too intricate or fussy to pull off in the real world. In fact, some of the most popular updos styles are born on the base of a hair bun.

Check out any fashion or gossip magazine, and you’re bound to spot a few of your favorite style icons or celebrities flaunting a bun rather than a ponytail or braid, proving that the classic bun is a timeless, yet completely versatile technique that every gal should know how to do to.

If you’ve wondered how to make a hair bun with shorter length hair, you’ll find that the modern bun can be created with a variety of clip in hair extensions to add volume and length to your own locks. There are plenty of ways to incorporate a bun in your daily hairstyle look. Whether you love structured or haphazard styles, there’s a bun waiting just for you.

Steps to a Hair Bun

Gather hair at the nape of the neck. Holding hair taut, twist hair until you reach the ends. With a firm grip, flip the twisted hair up towards the middle of the back of the head. Twist the ends clockwise, pinning as you work to create a nice spiral bun. Depending on your bun style, you can pull out wispy pieces around the face for extra fringe, or keep the bun structured and swept away. To ensure your bun is far from boring, follow these modern bun ideas:

  • • Twist a large braid into a bun, or a pair of braids wound in opposite directions for two side buns. This look is perfect for the modern day indie or bohemian style.
  • • For a retro and playful look, gather hair as high on the head as possible for a striking and dramatic bun.
  • • Add hair extensions in varied texture or colors for an artful and creative look.
  • • Work sexy summer waves into a loose bun for effortless beachy style.
  • • Clip in unique and playful hair accessories for a daring look. Feathers, beads,butterflies, beaded bobby pins, chopsticks, pearl and rhinestone hair accessories make interesting add-ons to any type of hair bun.
  • • Tease hair at the roots to create a large tuft of hair. Once hair is pinned into the bun formation, the tuft will take on the theatrical look of cotton candy — perfect for the fashion forward gal who loves to emulate runway looks.

Avoid Mistakes

While the bun is a rather easy updo to create, mistakes can still happen. To keep your bun winding smooth and effortless, start with day old hair, as freshly shampooed hair is generally too soft to work with. Make sure you have a large amount of bobby or hairpins on hand to stick into the molded style. Once hair is set, give hair a good shake to ensure the hold of your style. Finally, make sure your bun lasts all night by finishing it with a heavy application of hairspray.

The classic hair bun is not only an easy updo, it’s versatile enough to wear everyday. With a quick change of hair texture or accessories, the timeless bun can support nearly any style or fashion trend, proving that elegance can also be effortless.

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