How to Manage Wavy Hair

Learning how to manage wavy hair can make life much easier for individuals who are constantly fighting their hair type. Embrace your waves by incorporating a few simple steps into your hair care regimen.

How to Manage Wavy Hair

How to Manage Wavy Hair

Love Your Hair

First things first: Wavy hair is not problem hair, despite what you might have read or been told by a misinformed stylist. In fact, wavy hair is luscious, beautiful and unique. It’s a fine balance of smooth and curly, falling somewhere in between.

Often, wavy hair is considered troublesome because it tends to frizz due to humidity. It can also be difficult to keep under control, and occasionally requires some coaxing to hold a style successfully for a lengthy period of time. Just like any other hair type, though, wavy hair has its own individual needs. Those needs are best met by ensuring that proper care is taken and the appropriate products are used. Those formulated specifically for wavy hair will make a world of difference in the condition and look of the hair.

Fight the Frizzies

If you’re a wavy-haired individual, you might be familiar with that old friend (or perhaps foe might be a better word) known as frizz. Frizzy hair often manifests itself in the form of out-of-control, fluffy or poofy strands that, when exposed to heat and humidity, take on a life of their own. Never mind the fact that you’ve tamed it to within an inch of its life and added enough product to style your hair for a year – the frustrating-but-true fact is that wavy hair usually doesn’t stand a chance when confronted by humidity.

There’s good news, though. Your hair doesn’t have to fall victim to the weather’s harsh effects. Once you’ve figured out how to manage wavy hair, you won’t suffer from an unruly mane. Consider some of these helpful tips.

  • Moisture is your best friend! If your hair is dry, you’ll benefit from a shampoo and conditioner that are rich in natural humectants (substances that promote the retention of moisture in your hair or skin). A shampoo such as dfi’s Hydrated Shampoo is formulated to nourish extra dry hair with sugarcane. The complementary conditioner, dfi’s Destroyed, continues the moisturizing process with soy protein. It also adds shine with wheat proteins and amino acids.
  • Give your hair a spa-like treatment with some oil. Oils are outstanding emollients that promise to leave your hair in smooth, supple condition. Work a teaspoon or two of nourishing oil, such as olive oil (your typical grocery store version is fine), into your hair and pull your hair gently back into a loose bun. Let it soak in overnight before shampooing out the following morning. The oil is excellent for fighting frizz and controlling static.

The Full-Bodied Look

Possibly the greatest advantage to wavy hair is its ability to look vibrant, full of life, bouncy and stylish when treated right. Those enviable Pantene advertisements in the magazine don’t have to be an unfulfilled fantasy – even you can achieve the supple, full-bodied locks that the models sport.

For the best look, towel-dry your hair after washing it. Run a volumizing mousse, such as Redken’s Full Frame 07 Protective Volumizing Mousse, through your hair. Comb gently through as needed to ensure that the product is distributed evenly. Scrunch your hair gently with your hands, essentially squeezing the hair towards the scalp with a “crunch” of your fingers. Blow-dryyour hair with a diffuser attachment to achieve frizz-free waves. Add a dab of styling serum, such as John Frieda’s Extra Strength Formula Hair Serum (formulated for extra dry, coarse hair), to add shine and keep your waves under control.

How to Manage Wavy Hair and Keep it Looking Great

Remember, the key to managing wavy hair is relying on moisture. This type of hair tends to be naturally dry, simply by virtue of its shape. These steps will allow you to slowly but surely alleviate dryness.

  • Towel-dry as much as possible. Frequent heat-styling should be avoided. Instead, let your hair air dry. The application of a moisture-rich styling product is suitable.
  • When you do blow-dry, use a heat protection spray, such as Sedu’s Moisturizing Heat Protecting Boost. This will promote shine and moisture.

With the proper care and styling techniques, anyone can discover how to manage wavy hair without intense treatments or damaging their naturally luscious locks.

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