3 Ways to Use Nude Eyeliner

Nude eyeliner is a makeup bag staple. If you don’t have one and need a reason to get one, here are a few reasons for you.

You can use it on your brows

You can use it to either highlight your brow bone, or clean up any mess in case you made a booboo when drawing on your brows (yep, that’s what I use it for because my hand isn’t steady, and the Dipbrow that I use dries quickly so the only way to fix any mistakes is with this).

3 Ways to Use Nude Eyeliner 01

You can use it on your eyes

You can line your inner rims to make your eyes look bigger, it looks way more natural than doing it with a white pencil. But you can also use it to sharpen your wing. If like me, the wing on one of your eyes looks perfect but the other one always ends up wonky, use a nude pencil to fix it! Basically you’re “erasing” the wonky bits by drawing on it with the nude liner. Mistakes? What mistakes?

3 Ways to Use Nude Eyeliner 02

You can use it on your lips

Highlight your cupids bow area by defining it with the nude liner. It’ll make your top lip look poutier. Try it. Or you can use it all over your lips to give your lipstick a blank canvas to appear on.

3 Ways to Use Nude Eyeliner 03

Bonus Tip

You can also hide a pimple! Sure, you can do the same with a concealer, but this pencil is easier to carry around and the sharp tip means you can spot-conceal the tiniest of pimples.

My nude eyeliner of choice is the Rimmel Scandaleyes eyeliner pencil in Nude, and as you can see from its size, it’s had a lot of use!

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