Eyeliner Designs for Goths

Eyeliner is an essential part of the Goth tradition, but choosing eyeliner designs for Goths can be tricky. Different face shapes and sizes, skin tones, and different looks must be dealt with in different ways when applying makeup. Thus, while it seems as though Goth eyeliner should be relatively straightforward, these variables alone ensure that this is almost never the case.

Choosing Eyeliner Designs for Goths

Some individuals prefer the small-eyed, fully rimmed look; others go for the elongated Egyptian look. The “new wave” style has come back in force over the past few years, but only works with a particular style of dress. Whether you’ve got your own style and want to do it better, or want a brand-new look to complement a new wardrobe choice or hairstyle, here are some important tips on how to get the perfect eyeliner design.

The Classic Look

Unfortunately, eyeliner designs for Goths have become so stereotyped that many individuals feel as though any liberal application of dark lines will do. This is not so. The classic look differs from the round-the-eye, fully rimmed look in that the eyeliner is usually only applied to the upper or lower eyelid, and in varying degrees of thickness.

To achieve this look, start out with a thin, well-applied line of liquid eyeliner over the top lid. Shape it at the corners, but don’t bury the corners of your eye under too much eyeliner. Less is more, at least to start with.

Once you’ve got the hang of it, begin applying thicker lines, or darker lines on top with thinner ones on the bottom. You’ll find that there’s a certain degree of creativity even with the classic look, especially when using eye shadow as well.

The Cat Eye

The cat eye or Egyptian style eyes are also popular design. Eyeliner is applied in this instance to draw attention to the oblong shape of the eye. Therefore, a bit more eyeliner may be applied than is used in the classic look.

Begin with the upper lid, and draw a dark line that extends beyond the outside corner of the eye. For a true cat’s eye look, this will form a sharp point with the line you draw underneath. You can apply the eyeliner as dark as you wish on the top, but save room for a contrasting color of eye shadow.

Next, apply eyeliner to the lower lid, connecting it at the corners of your eyes with the line you’ve already drawn. The Egyptian cat’s eye look calls for the lines to be of the same thickness on the top and the bottom, and squared or slightly rounded at the outer corner of your eye.

Fully Rimmed Eyes

While the above eyeliner designs for Goths result in the eye looking somewhat larger, a much more liberal application of eyeliner allows the eye to look smaller and whiter. Some individuals prefer this look, and it particularly suits those with larger eyes.

Draw lines of the same thickness above and below the eye, making them larger with each pass. Blend these lines with dark eye shadow. If you truly blend well above and below the eye, the darkness will fade nicely into the pale white foundation or paint many Goths prefer to apply to their faces.

Again, your eyes will definitely look smaller with this amount of eye makeup, so it’s not advisable for those with small eyes. If you have small eyes, you can still achieve this look, but you may want to use a bit of white eyeliner on your waterline for brightness.

New Wave Style

Eyeliner and eye shadow are both required for a true “new wave” look. Begin with a big line of dark eyeliner drawn in a small cat’s eye type fashion. Next, choose a lighter colored eyeliner for a thin line just above and below the ones you have drawn.

Take a few different colors (usually similar ones) and work from the darkest at the bottom to the lightest right next to your eyebrow. This works great for bright colors of eyeliner and eye shadow, and makes for a lasting impression.

Finishing Off the Look

Once you have perfected the eyes, complete your look with other Gothic makeup designs or check out some Gothic makeup pictures for inspiration. Achieving a stylish Gothic look doesn’t have to be difficult, and it is often fun as long as you know how to apply the makeup successfully.

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