Drag Queen Eye Makeup

Drag queen eye makeup is one of the key components of the drag look and as the saying goes, the eyes have it. Creating flawless drag queen eyes includes eyebrows, color choice and blending. Read on to get some beautiful and doable ideas.

Drag Queen Eye Makeup

Drag Queen Eye Makeup

Gorgeous Drag Queen Eye Makeup

One of the best cosmetic lines for drag queen eye makeup is MAC. RuPaul Andre Charles, one of the original American drag queens, modeled for MAC demonstrating how amazingly their products work. Pay them a visit to browse their selection of colors, tools, and imagery. You can also check out their website for some inspirational artistry. Below is a colorful drag eye makeup design that uses MAC tools, shadows, and pigments.


Draw in and shape your eyebrows using a matching eyebrow color. You may darken or lighten (with powder) per your personal preferences. The eyebrows will ensure that your eye makeup stands out and will provide a lovely frame for your eyes.

Base Coat

Apply an eye primer to ensure color adhesion and setting. You can simply use a paint pot in a neutral color for your skin tone. Using the 194 concealer brush, cover the entire eyelid with this base coat.

Eye Shadows and Pigment

MAC pigments are wonderful for shading and creating tints that range from a soft wash of color to an intensely deep color payoff. They blend very well and last all day long. Just a tiny bit goes a very long way with these, so be modest with the amount you apply.

  1. Dab pigment color onto the inner corners of your eyelids, going about one third of the way in an outward direction, carrying the color up toward the brow bone using a copper-pink pigment (such as Pink Bronze). You should use a smaller brush, even the 194 concealer brush will suffice for this step.
  2. Next, using a reliable shadow blending brush – perhaps the MAC 217 brush – color in the middle third of your eyelids with a modest amount of violet pigment. Be sure to blend the line between violet and copper-pink so as to avoid a distinctly harsh line. Blending is key for a flawless look. Also carry this shade upward toward the brow bone creating a nice arch of color on the lids, but be sure you are leaving space beneath your eyebrows for a good highlighter color.
  3. Using the same blending brush, highlight beneath the eyebrow on the brow bone with an outstanding white shade such as Photo Realism. If you’ve fallen in love with the loose pigments by now, you can apply MAC vanilla pigment instead.
  4. Finally, on the outer corner of the eyelids, apply a strong dark accent color. Black Tied is a good choice here. Blend this shade well, stopping at the white highlighter and violet pigment lines.

Lashes, Liner and Definition

  1. Using a lighter shade of purple, create a smoky eyeliner through your lower lash line. The MAC 219 pencil brush is especially useful for creating this blended smoky effect.
  2. Intensify the upper lash line with a black liner of your choice. For extra flare, extend the liner out a bit, creating a winged-eyeliner look.
  3. If your eyes aren’t too sensitive, make the look bolder by darkening your waterline with a dark shadow or kohl pencil.
  4. Now for the lashes; choose a set of false lashes that are full and dramatic. Big eyelashes are a lovely contribution to drag queen eyes. Don’t be shy. If you want striking, long, wispy, glamorous lashes, go for it! Be sure to blend your natural lashes in with the false lashes where necessary, using mascara.

Other Options

If you don’t feel comfortable with the color choices above, feel free to improvise and mix it up. You can select more natural tones and lighter eyeliner if the look seems too overbearing. Additionally, you may opt to curl and coat your eyelashes with mascara, skipping the false lashes altogether. Whatever you choose, the idea is to feel gorgeous and confident. Remember, you can be as inventive as you like with cosmetics; never feel limited.

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