How to Create Bright Green Eye Looks

If you are looking for an eye shadow for brighter green eyes, your search ends here! Read on for tips and color recommendations for a brilliantly gorgeous green.

How to Create Bright Green Eye Looks

How to Create Bright Green Eye Looks

The Gift of Green Eyes

As one of the more uncommon eye colors, green-eyed gals are often fair-skinned and able to wear a diverse array of makeup colors. However with the dawn of colored contacts, green-eyed beauty is not off limits to those of all ethnic backgrounds.

Now anyone can possess the intrigue of having green eyes, however unfortunately many do not know how to accentuate this eye shade and bring out its radiance. It’s important to learn both the proper color choices for this eye hue while also knowing how to apply your makeup effectively. Otherwise your green eyes may end up being a waste of beauty!

Eye Shadow for Brighter Green Eyes Made Easy

Since green eyes give you a lot of options when it comes to cosmetics, you have more room for experimentation than other women do. However there are some basic color families to stick to when looking to enhance your eye color. Different shades of purple are a popular choice when shopping for eye shadow for brighter green eyes.

  • Think Purple

The plum and purple families work great, especially with darker green eyes. Purple is also ideal for evening wear when you are looking for something a bit more dramatic. Don’t shy away from trying on a metallic or deep violet, as these can be fun and look great for a night out on the town.

  • Don’t forget the brown…

Brown is another frequently picked eye shadow shade. The more chocolate the brown, the better it tends to look on brown eyes. Some combine their brown shadow with a dark green or perhaps a copper or gold. Again like purple, a good gold shimmer can make magic when the sun goes down.

  • Add a splash of apricot.

Some prefer to stick to the apricot family, however pink is never recommended, so take caution when venturing into rosy hues. As a general rule, many colors of eye shadow work fantastic on green eyes, so veer away from the few that don’t. These definitely include pink and blue. Even shades with a blue undertone can spell disaster for those with green eyes. Going back to shimmer, using silver can have a tragic 1980’s effect on green eyes, so stick to warm golds and coppers instead if you are looking for a little sparkle.

Getting the Look

Highlight your entire eyelid with a base color of eye shadow. Start from the bottom crease of the eyelid to your eyebrow. Cover your eyelid with a taupe color or perhaps a gold. Then, your third color should be a dark green, deep brown, or a shimmery copper. This can be applied either from the middle of the eyelid until you reach the eye area above your lid crease, and then the colors can be blended. If you are going for a more dramatic evening look, you can even add a little color emphasis to your lower lashes.

You can also start from the inner corner of your eyelid and gradually apply color to the outer corner of your eye. The line should get thicker as you progress. Again, be sure to blend your color completely.

Dos and Don’ts for Green Eyes

  • Do use colors that do not match the green of your eyes. You can use a lighter, darker, or more intense green, but just not the same shade.
  • Avoid cool colors like blue, silver, white, and most pastels. Those shades will wash out green eyes.
  • Smoky shades will really make green eyes pop, and can be combined with any color palette.
  • Brown shadows are extremely flattering with eyes that are a true green. If your eyes are hazel, brown shadows will bring out the brown tones instead of the green ones.
  • Bring out gold flecks in green eyes with gold, copper, or bronze eye shadow colors.
  • To make green flecks sparkle, choose fawn, tan, and mocha shadows.
  • Never let your eye shadow compete with the green of your eyes, so don’t use shades that match your eyes too closely.
  • If you want the green in your eyes to stand out, stay away from yellow tones, especially mustard, canary, and lemon, which will emphasize the gold in your eyes, not the green.
  • Pure and bright blue eye shadow palettes do not usually flatter green eyes, but blue-green colors such as turquoise and teal may be attractive. Light colors work well as a base or highlight color, as long as blue is not the dominant color of the eye makeup.
  • Don’t use purple as the base shade, or you might look like you have two black eyes! Purples and plums are extremely flattering with green eyes when used in the crease or smudged along the lash line.

To further accentuate your green eyes, be sure to use eyeliner and mascara to finish off your look. Having green eyes is a beauty bonus that many women would kill for. So play up those peepers and get a great look for that next special occasion!

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