Eye and Lip Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes

Are you seeking makeup tips for hazel eyes? Green and hazel eyed women have a variety of ways to accentuate their unique an appealing eye color. The following eye makeup tips for hazel eyes are sure to help you’re unique trait stand out!

Eye and Lip Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes

Eye and Lip Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes

Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes

Women with hazel eyes have the best of both worlds. Their diverse flecked irises make way for a multitude of complimentary shades. Hazel eyes can be made up to look classic, romantic, or downright sultry. The best way to highlight beautiful hazel eyes is to think outside the box and explore a full makeup palette in a realm of colors.


Eyeliner is used outline and define the upper eye lid, the under eye, or both. Although a rich brown or black eyeliner will look great on brown eyes, a colored liner in either a purple or eggplant shade will look simply stunning and draw attention to green eyes. In addition to a colored pencil, white eyeliner is a crisp alternative that instantly brightens the eyes and lends a retro vibe to your look. To keep your eyes the focus, apply a neutral makeup palette and avoid a dark lipstick, sticking with a rosewood or sheer apricot gloss instead.

Eye Makeup

Green eyed ladies can experiment with many bold and vivid eye makeup shades. While brown or blue eyes may look garish with mauve, pink or purple eye shadow, green eyed ladies look exotic when rocking a vibrant hue.

To enhance your eye color, select an eye shadow base color that is complimentary to your skin tone, in a taupe or nude hue. Then, find a vibrant shade in several different tones and layer the look accentuating the upper lid, brow bone, and the crease with the darkest shade. Although green eyes ladies can dapple in many colors, avoid blue eye shadows, which will only clash, rather than compliment, their unique eye coloring.


Oftentimes, the right shade of lipstick is all that is needed to draw attention to the face. If you want to highlight green eyes without eye makeup, a lip color can certainly work as an alternative.

Because hazel eyes sparkle with their underlying golden hue, a lip color that follows this lead is sure to enhance the eye area. Look for a lip color or gloss that has a bit of sparkle or shimmer, and don’t discount frosty hues, regardless of whether or not they are in trend. Frosty lip colors add a sexy shimmer that, when paired with a golden iris, lend a gilded look that is very exotic. Seek out lipsticks in the following hues:

  • Mauve
  • Berry
  • Gold
  • Poppy
  • Pink

Experiment with Color

To find the best look for hazel eyes, never forget to consider skin coloring, hair color, and wardrobe. To fully enhance hazel eyes, women should wear lots of purple, gold and green clothing, and stay away from wash out colors like gray, blue, or orange hues. If you need expert advice and want a professional opinion, feel free to visit a cosmetic counter and meet with a sales associate to find the right colors that will make your eyes pop! Once you’ve learned how to compliment and enhance your exotic eye color, be prepared for plenty of praise!

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