100 Makeup Do’s and Don’ts – Makeup Tips

Do you struggle with knowing the right way to apply your makeup for a flawless look? With so many makeup trends out, it can be overwhelming to figure out which ones are best for you! Below are key some tips from my makeup video that may help you sort out which ones are best for you!

100 Makeup Do's and Don'ts

100 Makeup Do’s and Don’ts

Lust-Worthy Lip Tips
DO one shade lighter or darker than your natural lip color for the perfect nude lipstick. If it’s too matching or beige, it can end up looking ghostly on certain skin tones!

DON’T do dark-hued lipsticks on thin lips. Dark colors make already-small lips recede. Brighter, richer colors are a beautiful alternative to accentuate lips.

DO apply concealer to the outer corners of your lips to give your lips a lift, and then apply concealer or highlighter around the edge of the lower lip to enhance a pouty look.

All Eyes On You

DON’T assume your brow filler needs to be a shade darker. Using a shade that either matches or is slightly lighter than your brow color will give you full-looking, naturally defined brows without the severe, heavy contrast. Pale blonde eyebrows are the exception. Try a color that’s a shade or two darker to prevent brows from looking washed out or nonexistent.

DO add a dab of a lighter and softly light-reflective shade to the center of your eyelid for a bright-eyed look. Use a small, flat eyeshadow brush, knock off the excess shadow, and lightly press/dab it in the middle of the eyelid. Even if you have already applied a dark shade there, this extra touch can make all the difference. This also works for over your lipstick.

DON’T always match your eyeliner on your upper and lower lash line. For softer-looking results, line the lower lashes with a lighter shade than the upper lashes. For example, dark brown for the upper line, and light brown for the lower line.

DO prep eyelashes for mascara touch-ups. When you go to apply another coat over the mascara you’ve already been wearing all day, you end up fighting your way through dried mascara. The result? A flaky, clumpy mess. Resolve this issue by wetting a clean spoolie brush and combing through lashes before applying the next coat of mascara.

Some simple rules to look after you and your face!

Don’t pump your mascara wand in and out to get more product, as this causes air to go inside and dry it out, and will fill it with bacteria. Swirl it around inside the tube to get more product.

Do apply makeup to a clean, grease free face. Your face is your canvas and artists never paint on a dirty one.

Don’t use an oily concealer under the eye as during the day it will gather in fine lines, and will ruin your makeup ALL DAY.

Do tweeze your eyebrows after a shower/bath, your pores will be open because of the heat and the hairs will come out a lot easier. Try and keep to your natural shape and follow the above guide.

Don’t go to sleep with your makeup on. Foundation and concealer can clog your pores and cause spots. Mascara can make your eyelashes fall out and become weak. Give your face a break!

Do use a lip brush to apply lipgloss from a tube and lipsticks, using the product directly onto your lips can cause bacteria to occur, and using a brush provides a more accurate application.

Do cleanse tone and moisturise. Your skin goes through a lot so you need to cleanse it and remove dirt and impurities with toner, then moisturise to give your skin the oil it need.

Do apply foundation BEFORE concealer, foundation covers a lot of problems, it acts as a blank canvas so you can see any areas that need concealer. Concealer can be moved if put on first by foundation.

Don’t use soap to clean your face EVER. Using soap to clean your face is not a good idea, it strips the skin of the essential oils it needs causing it to overproduce oil which can cause more spots!

Don’t let makeup sponges gather foundation. Not washing sponges harbours bacteria and will provide unsanitary applications and break outs. Wash long use sponges regularly and leave to air dry.

Do remover waterproof mascara with a waterproof eye-makeup remover. Trying to remove it with normal eye-makeup remover rubbing your eyelashes roughly can cause damage and won’t work.

Do clean your makeup brushes regularly. This is not only hygienic but also prevents you from applying previous makeup eg; putting on pink shadow if black was used last will change the colour.

Don’t use concealer as an eye primer, it’s too oily and the makeup will slide. Instead use an eyeshadow primer, your makeup will last longer and provide better end results.

DON’T use a foundation that is darker than your skintone. It will look like a bad fake tan. If you do want a little color, use a natural looking bronzer only on certain areas of your face.
DO use a foundation that matches your skintone. The best thing to do is to try on the foundation at the store before you buy it. Best way to match the color, apply on your cheek past down your jaw and neck. ALWAYS blend your foundation evenly to prevent demarcation lines.

DON’T use a concelaer that is way too light, that will show when you take a picture with a flash on!
DO use a concealer that is slightly lighter than your skintone, using a concealer brush for a soft finish.

DON’T darken your eyebrows too much or over draw them.
DO fill in your brows using a shade lighter than your hair color. Gently brush brows for a soft finish.

DON’T go crazy bold with eyeliner.
DO keep it neat and pretty. Smudge liner for softer look.

DON’T leave your eyeshadow unblended.
DO blend shadow as much as you can, using a blending brush.

DON’T make your lashes look clumpy and spider-y!
DO apply mascara evenly, gently wiggling the brush to prevent clumps.

DON’T wear blush to dark and unblended.
DO blend your blush as much as you can for a natural look.

Do: Use two similar colors to blend eyeshadow.
Don’t: Let two bold colors sit on your eye without blending.

Do: Apply eyeliner where you want your lashes to look voluminous.
Don’t: Apply eyeliner all over your eye.

Do: Shrink your false lashes to fit your eye.
Don’t Drown your eye in mascara and lashes.

Do: Use a nice bronze/brown to contour.
Don’t: Use orange.

Do: Apply light blush around the apples of your cheek to highlight them.
Don’t: Apply blush straight to the apples of your cheeks.

Do: Contour your cheek at an angle.
Don’t Round your cheeks with a shadestick.

Do: Use a nude shade when your makeup is heavy or vice versa.
Don’t: Use a bold shade when your makeup is heavy.

DOs and DON’Ts: Makeup Application

DO match your foundation to your neckline rather than your cheek. Matching it to your cheek can often make the face and neck two different colors and no one wants that!

DON’T overdo the eyebrow pencil. Hard edges are not the way to go. Don’t try to change your eyebrows; work with them.

DO choose eyeshadow shades that will complement your eyes. The opposite of the color wheel will look best. This means if you have blue eyes, you should go with golds and browns. If you have brown eyes, grays and blues will make those peepers pop! Green-eyed girls should wear purples to make their eyes the star of the show.

DON’T forget skincare. Taking care of the canvas prior to makeup application will make all the difference in the world.

DO invest in makeup brushes. They create a much softer and less harsh overall look.

DON’T wear too much makeup. Less is more, especially for an everyday look.

DO ignore makeup trends. Social media has made this worse. Keep your individuality when it comes to your makeup while staying within the “best practices” guidelines.

DON’T wear boring lipstick! Choose brighter colors rather than the safer nudes or soft pinks. Add a pop of color to your lips. We can almost promise you will love it!

DO clean up after applying mascara. Wait for it to dry, then take a wet Q-Tip to wipe the excess off of your eyelids and under your eyes.

DON’T pile on the foundation. Less is more, even if you need the coverage. A heavy foundation will end up looking cakey, aging you significantly.

DO change up your routine from time-to-time to keep your look fresh. You don’t want to be stuck in a rut. We know that blue sparkly eyeshadow looked great in high school, but it’s time to move on.

DON’T forget the SPF. UVA rays are responsible for premature aging. Protect your face with a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily.

DO pay attention to expiration dates. This is particularly important for eye products. They can harbor bacteria giving you a yucky eye infection if you keep them around too long. Mascara and eye liners need to be tossed after 6 months. Foundations and concealer last 6 months to 1 year. Blush and other powder products give you a good 2-3 years. Lipsticks, lip gloss, and lip pencils are also good for 2-3 years.

Do’s and Don’ts for Workplace Makeup

Overdone and inappropriate makeup at a workplace can not only distract your superiors and colleagues from focusing on your professional abilities but also become a reason for embarrassment instantly. This is why we bring to you the major do’s and don’ts for workplace makeup so that you look appealing without overdoing it and achieve success that comes naturally to you!


It is advisable to go easy on the mascara as this helps you to avoid overdone eye makeup and gives your eyes a subtle look. When you apply the mascara, start from the base and move towards the tip and roll the wand as you do so. This will help separate the lashes as it lengthens.

Do concentrate on a pretty faux-glow makeup look by blending the bronzer into the hairline. A matte bronzer is ideal for workplace makeup and should be applied with a big makeup brush as it gives an office-appropriate and polished finish that is perfect by all means.

Do apply a neutral lip color when leaving for your workplace as it gives a subtle perk to your face without looking too loud. This kind of a lip color works for early morning meetings as well and makes you look just fine.

Do add polish to your looks by applying a little bit of liner. Use a simple and natural shade of your eye shadow and apply with a thin brush for the perfect finish.


DON’T wear fake lashes when applying makeup for office. You are going to be in a deep fix if a few of the lashes fall off suddenly in the middle of a meeting or a glue malfunction occurs between a conference call. Save such things for a Saturday night out with friends and avoid them at work.

DON’T try beauty products which can change your complexion when getting ready for work. Such experiments are best left alone for weekends or when meeting family. Bleaches and self-tanners can make you look quite ugly if anything goes wrong.
Do not go for the glittery lip makeup. A glittery lip color such as pink can be quite distracting and make you look inappropriate at work.

DON’T overdo a dark eye makeup. Smoky and raccoon eyes look absolutely unflattering and might make your colleagues wonder if it’s leftover makeup from last evening. It can also become a cause of distraction and prevent your boss from looking right into your eyes when communicating with you.

DON’T ever go right till the brow line when it comes to eye makeup for office. It will seem to be overdone and is not really preferred in a professional environment.

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