Max Factor Eye Makeup Review

This Max Factor eye makeup review is for their most current look in MAXeye Shadows. Fresh from the box we tried two color combinations on the LoveToKnow testers, Beach Brown and Premier Pink. The following compiles our experience.

Max Factor Eye Makeup Review

Max Factor Eye Makeup Review

Max Factor Eye Shadows

A three-tone shade combination, these eye shadows arrive in a tiny compact, small enough to fit into a purse pocket or travel case. With 16 shade recipes available, there is sure to be one to match your skin and personality. All of the color arrangements are straight off the fashion runways, providing some of the most up-to-date eye colors on the market.

Application Recommendations

Like most eye shadows today, the Max Factor version can be applied either wet or dry. This allows the shadow a dual use: dry for a subtler day color and wet for hot diva nights. The Max shadows do not come with their own brush, so it must be purchased separately.

Max Factor Eye Makeup Review

During our Max Factor eye makeup review process, we tested the MAXeye shadows both wet and dry, day and night, with fingers and with a separate brush. From our Max Factor eye makeup review we discovered the following.

Color Intensity

This eye makeup is not an overly intense color enhancer. Even wet, the color offered only a delicate appearance. Although the colors were certainly lively and trendy, they were better for background noise than overall drama. Applied dry, they covered the eye area nicely and were easy to blend. Adding moisture caused them to shimmer and shine at a much higher note, but did not instigate the color to darken significantly.


As with most standard eye shadows, about halfway through a typical Max Factor eye makeup review day, a crease appeared on the eye lid. It was easily fixed with a swipe of the finger. The overall color lasted for the entire day or the whole evening, although the darker shades faded the quickest.


As a fun test, we also attempted to try these shadows in new makeup combinations. The pink was actually quite fun on our cheeks in place of blush or added to a little balm to make a shimmery gloss. The beach browns were simply not dark enough for eyeliner or brow color, even wet.

Max Factor Eye Makeup Review Summary

Overall these are fun shadows in trendy colors. They can liven up your look in many ways at a reasonable price, less than $5 a compact.

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