Magnifying Eye Makeup Glasses

Vision correction needs, age, and other factors can make precise cosmetic application difficult; fortunately, magnifying eye makeup glasses are available to solve this problem.

What Are Magnifying Eye Makeup Glasses?

Magnifying Eye Makeup Glasses

Magnifying Eye Makeup Glasses

Magnifying cosmetic glasses are lenses used for the purpose of applying cosmetics, especially in the eye area, where detail and precision is important. These glasses come in various strengths and styles, although typically the lenses are close-set and feature drop-down lenses. The magnification combined allows for a close view for perfect eye makeup application. These types of glasses are also ideal for activities such as getting a foreign object out of the eye, plucking eyebrows, securing false eyelashes, and inserting or removing contact lenses.


There are several styles of magnifying glasses available for the purpose of applying eye makeup and other needs that require close detail. Lenses are typically shatter-resistance acrylic, and frames may be available in acrylic, stainless steel or in other metals, or materials. Most can be used with any standard mirror. These include the following:

Drop-Down Lenses

Makeup glasses with dual drop-down lenses are one of the more popular types. These allow you to use the magnified vision of one eye while you apply makeup to the other, thereby allowing for an unencumbered application.

Flip Glasses

Also known as dual reading/makeup glasses or unilens glasses, these are created with half lenses for reading, which can be transformed into a full lens that can be flipped to either side of the eye, allowing for easy makeup application. These glasses may also be able to convert to a small central magnifying glass by centering the lens upright. Another version of flip makeup glasses is one full lens that can be flipped to either side.

Arches Arm Cosmetic Glasses

This type of glasses has dual static lenses, but the frame is formed in an oversized arch that extends in front of the face, allowing ample space in front of the glasses for eye makeup application.

‘Weightless’ Glasses

This style also has dual lenses, and is designed to be worn on a headband rather than a frame. The lenses can be flipped up to put on cosmetics.

Shopping for Your Cosmetic Glasses

As with most beauty tools, cosmetic magnification glasses are available at a variety of price points. You can find some very inexpensive versions under ten dollars, with the higher-end versions running between seventy five and one hundred dollars. In order to make sure the glasses meet your needs, read carefully to determine the magnification or correction the glasses offer.

You can find makeup glasses at a variety of retailers, including some drugstore,s beauty retailers, and life-improvement stores. Popular glasses include:

  • Slyvana Belle sells arched arms cosmetic glasses that have received several international awards.

Other Options

Another option for women looking for a closer view in applying her eye makeup is a magnifying cosmetic mirror. These are available in many different sizes, styles, and magnification levels, and many types are lighted as well. Handheld, standing, and travel-sized magnetic mirrors are sold at many department, drug, and beauty stores. Depending on your particular needs, a magnetic cosmetic mirror may be your preference.

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