Eye Opening Techniques for Hooded Eyes

Using the correct eye makeup tecniques for hooded eyes will make them appear more open. Eyelid skin on hooded eyes can be puffy, making it difficult to define.

Eye Opening Techniques for Hooded Eyes

Eye Opening Techniques for Hooded Eyes

Prepare Eye Skin

Get your best, most open-eyed look by starting with clean, fresh skin. Remove all old makeup before trying your new look.

  1. Wash your eye area with a cleansing cream that is free of exfoliants. Rinse the area with warm water then pat dry. Never rub your eyes dry. Eye skin is delicate and tears easily.
  2. Moisturize your skin after cleansing. Hooded eye skin needs moisture to stay looking young. Buy a product that makes skin supple without adding additional oils or fragrance to the skin.
  3. Lift hooded eyes with eye creams. Eye lifting creams give some women a temporary lift that makes eyes look wider. Apply eye lifting cream above the eyebrows, around the outer eye and under the eye. Smooth the product onto your skin with your fingertips.
  4. Dab on eye primer or foundation by squirting a little on to your finger tips then rubbing it on the eye lid. If you do not have any eye primer, use makeup foundation. Priming the eyes will hold the makeup in place and make your colors more intense.
  5. Curl Lashes – Curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. Open the curler and slide it over your eyelashes. Give the handle a gentle squeeze, curling the lashes. Open the curler and release. Repeat so that both sides of the lashes are curled.

Special Eye Opening Techniques for Hooded Eyes

Eye makeup application is the key to transforming your eye look. Use two or three colors on your hooded eyes for a beautiful look. Professional makeup brushes will deliver color right where you want it.

  1. Sweep the lightest eyeshadow all over your eyelids. The color should go from right under the brow bone to the top of your eyelashes.
  2. Apply makeup to a closed eye. Sweep the medium or a darker eyeshadow over the outer corner of the eye and the eye crease.
  3. Apply a third color, if you like, on top of the middle color. Do not cover the color completely, just accent the outer color.
  4. Blend the colors together with the brush you used for the highlighter. Swirl the colors together in small circles.
  5. Draw eyeliner on the top of the eyelashes. Start drawing at the inner most corner and draw outwards, extending the eyeliner slightly past the edge of the eye. Give your eyes the illusion of lift by drawing the end of the eyeliner line slightly up. Skip the eyeliner on the bottom lashes to avoid making eyes look small.
  6. Brush on black mascara starting at the top lashes. Touch the tip of the mascara wand to the lashes to make them longer. Turn the mascara brush sideways, brushing in thickness.

Things to Avoid

Skip these common mistakes that will make eyes look smaller rather than larger:

  • Avoid makeup applications that will make eyes puffy. For example, the overuse of the accent color or all over wet-looking eye applications looks wrong.
  • Never apply dark eye colors all over your eyes. Combine eye colors to create the definition you want.
  • Do not use more than one frosted eye shadow in an eye color ensemble. Save the frosted shadow for the highlighter.
  • Drawing eyeliner on the bottom of your eye only, will make you look sleepy.
  • Apply concealer to the inner corners of eyes to even out dark spots that make eyes look weak.

Hooded Eye Care

You inherit your eye shape and you may believe that there is little, short of surgery that you can do about it. However, using the proper eye makeup techniques for hooded eyes will make eyes look more defined. In addition, drink plenty of water. Hydration helps relieve puffiness not just around the waist but around the eyes too. Make sure to practice good eye care as well. Have eye ability tested regularly. Straining to read can affect eye appearance. Wear any eyewear prescribed to you by your doctor. Give your eyes some comfort by occasionally treating them with cooling eye packs or cucumber slices. Cool, damp tea bags shrink eye skin too.

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