Revamp an old necklace with nail polish

A few years ago I’d bought a necklace on sale from Jacquie E and never actually wore it. I just found it a bit blah, and even though I love the shape the colour didn’t do anything for me and didn’t go with any of my outfits.

Revamp an old necklace with nail polish

Revamp an old necklace with nail polish

If only there was a way to change the colour… wait a minute… there is! Nail polish! Before jumping into painting the fake gemstones with polish and possibly ruining it all I Googled to make sure it was doable and sure enough there are a million posts from DIY blogs where they’ve used polish to revamp their jewellery. Perfect!

Here’s how.

Step by Step instructions

Revamp an old necklace with nail polish

Revamp an old necklace with nail polish


  • make sure you lay some newspaper down before you start painting in case of any spillage
  • a white nail polish is important to give you a clean base to start with.
  • make sure you let the nail polish dry between coats
  • you will need to do several coats with your chosen colour (mine was Essie Absolutely Shore) to get a fully opaque coverage. I did 4 coats but I may end up doing another coat as I can still see the dark gemstones on some parts.
  • optional – finish with a layer of top coat.

Have you ever tried to revamp your jewellery with nail polish?

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