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Refashion a short necklace By Lilit
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I’ve had this jade(?) necklace for over 5 years but I can probably count on one hand how many times I’ve actually worn it.

Refashion a short necklace 01

It was a gift from my uncle in Armenia, and while I absolutely love the stones I feel it’s choking me everytime I wear it as the chain is too short.

Refashion a short necklace 02

Solution? Lengthen the chain!

There are two ways you can lengthen the chain:

  1. Take a chain you no longer use, cut in half and to the length you want, and attach each half of longer chain to each end of your short necklace.
  2. Buy chain by the meter from craft stores (they’re around $2 a meter at Lincraft), cut to required length, take out the existing clasps/closures from the short necklace and attach to the craft chain, which you then attach to each end of the shorter necklace.

I did the easy option 1.

Refashion a short necklace 03

It took me less than 10 minutes to do, and the result is that I now have a necklace that I can get more wear out of!

Refashion a short necklace - DIY beauty

Refashion a short necklace – DIY beauty

What do you think of this quick refashioning tip?
Do you have any short necklaces you can lengthen like this?

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