DIY turband from a scarf

I found this tutorial in my archives that I’d prepared a few weeks ago, but before I could publish it I went and had a baby! So I’m publishing it now, and I’m still keen to wear a turband but I might wait till my little one is a bit older and I have a bit more time to get ready in the mornings than I currently have. Hope you enjoy, and as always your thoughts and comments are most valued!

I’m not very adventurous with my hair. Sure I’ll straighten it, curl it or wear it in a messy updo but that’s about it. I’d love to give hair accessories a try but I’m not sure where to begin or even whether they’d suit me or not. So after checking Pinterest for some inspiration I decided to give the turband a go.

Turband = cross between a turban and a headband

DIY turband from a scarf 01

I do quite like it, but I’m still unsure whether I’d wear it out of the house without feeling self-conscious. Maybe in summer I’ll give it a go as I can see them looking great with floaty maxi dresses.

Anyway, this is how you tie one with a scarf. There are of course many different ways you can tie one, but I found this version to be very quick and easy!

DIY turband from a scarf

DIY turband from a scarf

How to tie a turband the easy way!
Step 1 – Take a long rectangular scarf and place at nape of neck
Step 2 – Bring the ends up from behind your ears to above your head
Step 3 – Cross the two ends on top of your head
Step 4 – Cross it again
Step 5 – Tie it at the nape of your neck, letting the ends hang out (or you can tuck it in)
Step 6 – Add a brooch to decorate (optional)

Your DIY turband is complete! You can wear it with your hair up, down, curled, straight, teased, whatever… the possibilities are endless!

Would you wear a turband?


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