Change the colour of your shoes on the cheap with some leather dye

A few weeks ago I saw a pair of shoes that I really liked. It was a pair of wedges with a peep-toe, closed back, and a deep burgundy red. I really wanted to get it, and did I mention it was on sale? Unfortunately they didn’t have my size, typical! Then I remembered I had very similar pair of wedges at home, but in grey. So what’s a girl to do? Dye it the colour that she wants! I used Waproo leather dye in Cherry Red which I bought from a shoe repair store for less than $10 and I love how it turned out.

Change the colour of your shoes 01

Dying your shoes is very, very easy! If you’d like to do it yourself, all you need is:

  • Leather dye – sold at most good shoe repair stores for approx $10
  • Leather stripper (optional) – sold at most good repair stores for approx $10
  • Rags, cotton wool, cotton buds, etc – to clean up any mess
  • Masking tape (optional) – to mask the parts of the shoe that you do not want to dye.

Change the colour of your shoes 02

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