Lip Contouring: The Makeup Technique That Will Give You Bigger Lips

There’s no need to pay a visit to the plastic surgeon to get big lips! Why do so when you can get bigger lips at home, with a very simple makeup technique. Lip contouring is your natural way to get bigger lips, without any pain or injections.

I once heard a professional makeup artist define what contouring in general is, it’s the art of shading what you want to hide by giving it depth with dark shades, and highlighting what you want to show by giving it dimension with a lighter shade.

The Makeup Technique That Will Give You Bigger Lips

The Makeup Technique That Will Give You Bigger Lips

So let’s see how you contour your lips to make them look big and lush.

  1. For soft looking lips, you need to scrub your lips first, using a hot towel or Vaseline mixed with brown sugar. Scrub your lips gently, until they feel soft.
  2. Hydrating your lips with lip balm is crucial, if you want your lips to looks pretty in the end.
  3. Using the lip liner, define your lips’ cupid bows with an X and then line the center bottom.
  4. Now that you defined the most important parts of your lips, continue lining the shape of your lips.
  5. If you want fuller lips, over-line your cupid’s bows.
  6. Now fill all your lips with the lip liner pencil.
  7. Using a darker shade of lip liner, outline cupid bows and create depth in the inner corners of your lips.
  8. On your lower lip and upper lip, draw maximum three vertical lines on every lip to add dimensions.
  9. Now using a lip balm and your fingers, blend the vertical lines.
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