10 Must Know Makeup Secrets That Makeup Professionals Use

Being a professional makeup artist has to be one of the coolest jobs on the planet, doesn’t it? They get to try out all the latest products, spend all day doing makeup for interesting and famous people, and they get the time to practice their art and to learn all the makeup tricks that there are. The rest of us, though, unfortunately don’t get the time we’d like to practice makeup and try out new looks and new methods. So let’s take a look at some of the makeup tricks that the professionals have learned, with these ten fabulous makeup secrets from professional makeup artists.

10 Must Know Makeup Secrets That Makeup Professionals Use

10 Must Know Makeup Secrets That Makeup Professionals Use

1. Use two shades of blush

Celebrity makeup artist, James Vincent, has this advice for creating the perfect youthful glow with a blush. To make blush look absolutely natural, use two shades instead of just the one. A pink, or red, should be applied to the apples of the cheeks and then a shade of orange, like peach or coral, should be applied to the cheekbones.

2. How to use concealer under the eyes?

This one is a secret that many of the celebrities know. To conceal dark circles under the eyes, they don’t put the concealer over the dark circles; they apply the concealer further down, in a triangular shape, on the top of their cheeks. That way, the light reflects upwards and softens the appearance of dark circles.

3. How to lift your lashes

This is a great idea, from professional makeup artist, Kara Yoshimoto Bua that makes applying mascara that little bit easier. She suggests using the handle of a mascara brush to lift up eyelashes form the base and roll them back. That makes it easier to use the wand to pull through the lashes, from the base to the tips, to remove any clumps.

4. How to apply eyeliner?

Colour is not the only thing to consider when applying eyeliner; eyeliner can also be used to define the shape of your eyes too. To do this, you will need eyeliner that will allow you to precisely control how thin or thick you draw the lines. If you have eyes that are closer set, then drawing a thicker line at the outer corner will make them look as though they are further apart. On the other hand, if you have eyes that are set more apart, try drawing a thicker line at the inner corner, which will make your eyes look like they are closer together.

5. How to extend the life of mascara?

It’s nice to know that even the professionals are cost conscious sometimes. The style director of Becca Cosmetics, Kerry Cole, who has been the national makeup artist for several well-known makeup brands, is happy to share the fact that she uses saline solution to make mascara go further. Just adding a few drops of saline solution to mascara that is coming to an end will put the moisture back in and make it last for a bit longer.

6. How to make red lips last?

Makeup artist, Cher West, recommends that when you want your bold, red lips, to last for longer, you should apply a red lip pencil all over your lips before you apply any red lipstick. Then, once you have finished applying the lipstick, apply another coat the red pencil over the top and your red lipstick will stay looking perfect for hours.

7. How to take the puffiness out of tired eyes?

Here’s a another great tip from Cher West, that will take the puffiness out of tired eyes straight away. She has found that if you dab a little bit of eye drop liquid on the area of puffy skin, it will tighten up the skin in just a few seconds.

8. Always prep your skin

Many professional makeup artists agree that great makeup begins with the preparation. Always start by massaging in a light moisturiser and then give it some time to settle into the skin. Then you can apply foundation, and use as little powder as you can. That will give you a healthy, natural looking glow.

9. Try some summer freckles

This is another tip from professional makeup artists, and this one calls for a bit of creativity. To get a great summer look to your face, try adding a few freckles on your nose and your cheeks with an eyebrow pencil. Just be sure to do it sparingly and make sure they don’t look to symmetrically spaced, or it won’t look natural.

10. Use a beauty blender to apply foundation

To get flawless makeup that doesn’t look too heavy, use a beauty blender to apply foundation. These great little tools, which are supposed to be used slightly damp, will allow you to easily get to every contour and apply foundation evenly all over your face.

Do you know other makeup secrets from professional makeup artists?

Stay beautiful!

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