How To Use Glitter Makeup And Not Look Crazy

Unleash that dashing diva!  Sometimes it’s good to try something new and different. Sparkling Glitter Eyeshadow Makeup is a fun way to look glamorous while only putting on a little glitz. You won’t have to put on costly diamonds, just a dazzling eyeshadow that will sparkle like the stars in the sky!

Here’s the best way to put on glitter eyeshadow without looking like you belong in a Ke$ha music video.

How To Do A Glitter Eyeshadow Makeup

Step 1.

Apply base eyeshadow – all over the lid to the brow bone.

How To Use Glitter Makeup 01

Step 2.

Create a definition – Take a beige and medium eyeshadow then apply it to the crease and blend them.

How To Use Glitter Makeup 02

Step 3.

Create a highlight – Take a shimmery shadow and apply to the brow bone and inner corner of the eye.

How To Use Glitter Makeup 03

Step 4.

Take a cream shimmer shade and apply it to the lid as a base.

How To Use Glitter Makeup 04

Step 5.

Take the lose glitter and apply it over the cream eyeshadow then blend it into the crease.

How To Use Glitter Makeup 05

Step 6.

Apply a thin liner on the upper lash line then flick it out to the outer corner.

How To Use Glitter Makeup 06

Step 7.

Apply mascara to upper and lower lashes.

How To Use Glitter Makeup 07

Step 8.

With the brush used on the glitter – apply the remaining glitter to the lower lid followed by an eyeliner.

How To Use Glitter Makeup 08

Step 9.

Apply false eyelashes.

How To Use Glitter Makeup 09

Step 10.

For the finishing touches apply a little glitter to the brow bone.

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