6 Makeup Mistakes That Make Can You Look Older

Makeup is a great tool to enhance your natural beauty, but do you know that there are some makeup mistakes that can age you? So, keep on reading for some simple makeup tips to take years off your face.

6 Makeup Mistakes That Make Can You Look Older

6 Makeup Mistakes That Make Can You Look Older

  1. Choosing a dark lipstick

Lips lose their fullness over time, and dark colors make them look even smaller. If you do decide to go for a darker shade, pick a sheer formula which isn’t as flat as a heavier finish and dab the color on with your finger. On the other hand, mauves and pinks, highlight lips and give the illusion of fullness. If you wish to wear bold colored lips, pick a lip liner that matches the color of your lips, rather than your lipstick to avoid an overly dark liner that will make your lips look pursed. Also, a swipe of lip gloss will plump up your lips even more.

  1. Wearing the wrong color foundation or wrong concealer shade

A foundation that’s too light or dark will look dull and unnatural, therefore, won’t give you a youthful and natural glow. When picking the right color of foundation, dab a bit on your face, rather than your hand, which can be a different shade. Remember, the shade of the foundation should match yours even before it’s blended. The same rules applies to covering up under-eye circles as a shade that’s too light will accentuate your dark patches just as much as a dark shadow. If you have dark circles, pick a color with a peachy or yellow tone to neutralize the purple tones of under-eye circles.

  1. Skipping your eyebrows

Eyebrows frame your face making it look more attractive. Over time, eyebrows become sparser, especially if you have a history of over-tweezing them. So, add some definition by filling them in with a product a shade lighter than your natural hair or use lip balm to groom wild eyebrows.

  1. Applying your blush at the wrong spot or using a dreary blush color

Though you have to apply blush that flatters your face shape, swirling blush only on the apples of your cheeks leaves you with unnatural, unflattering circles. On the other hand, applying it too far below the cheekbones will drag down your face, giving a saggy appearance. For a youthful glow, lightly brush it along your cheekbone, starting under the center of your eye and sweeping upward. Just pick a flattering blush color that can make your whole face appear younger and livelier. Keep in mind that the more natural shade of blush will look more flattering for you.

  1. Picking shimmery eye shadow or lining the bottom of your eyes

If you wish to wear shimmery or bright colors on your eye makeup, opt for a more flattering matte finish as glitter often settles into creases, accentuating crinkles on your eyelids. You may think of applying some shimmer on the inner corners of your eyes for a vibrant look. You may also apply a soft layer of brown or gray eyeliner to your top outer corner and then blend it out for a brightening effect.

  1. Applying excessive makeup products

A thick layer of foundation or concealer will settle into wrinkles and creases, calling attention to them. So think of lightweight formula on your makeup products that can be easier to blend. When you cover up that oily shine with a powder, keep in mind that you also cover up the youthful glow that comes when your skin reflects the light. So, think of blotting tissues over powders, which won’t highlight wrinkles in the same way makeup would. By taking these things into consideration, you’ll make your makeup work for you and give you that youthful glow.

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