8 Beauty Tricks for Taking Your Best Selfie

You’ve done it on the sidewalk, at your desk, behind the wheel, and even in the bathroom: the selfie. Love them or hate them, these solo snaps seem to be sticking around (the word selfie has even been added to the Oxford Dictionary, which is mildly depressing). To help you master the cultural phenomenon with grace we have a few beautifying tricks that will have you looking double-tap worthy in seconds.

  1. Have a Purpose

While everyone needs a bit of attention from time to time, selfies become annoying when they’re redundant and self-serving. Avoid falling into either category by posting selfies that offer some sort of information, or relevance for your followers. Try showcasing something that’s exciting to you, like your new lipstick obsession or your latest hairdo discovery. Purposeful selfies are much less obnoxious than habitual “look how pretty I am posing in my bathroom” selfies.

  1. Find the Light

It’s a fact that’s true for selfies, but also any photo you take: good lighting is everything. To show off your beautiful face in a selfie, natural light is best. If you’re indoors, find a window to stand in front of and let the sunlight hit your face for the most flattering light.

  1. Angle Wisely

Reduce the fishbowl effect by holding your camera as far away as possible. For a slimming effect, hold your camera slightly higher than your face.

  1. Pose Perfectly

Unless your face is perfectly symmetrical a straight on photo can be harsh. Instead, tilt your head at a ¾ angle, which is universally flattering.

  1. Avoid Multiple Chins

More is more, except when it comes to chins. To avoid a double chin effect, consciously elongate your neck and push your shoulders back for good posture. Also, try not to hold the camera directly beneath your face as this is usually an unflattering angle.

  1. Say No to Duck Face

Repeat after us, “duck face is not my friend.” First of all, it can give you wrinkles. Secondly, just please don’t. Thirdly, let us present you with a list of other options: the Mary Kate Olsen smize, the goofy, cheesy grin, the genuine smile, the overly-excited open mouth, the look-at-my-lipstick smooch. Now go and prosper.

  1. Keep the Mystery Alive

To keep a little mystery, we love selfies that only highlight part of your face. If you’re just showing off your new blush just snap half your face for an editorial looking image. Bragging about your perfect messy bun? Stand against a clean background and show just your bun for an artsy take.

  1. Let Your Filter Flatter Your Makeup

Once you’ve snapped the perfect selfie, choose a filter to accent the focal point of the picture. If you’re wearing blue eyeliner that you want to pop, try Mayfair or Hudson, which will draw special attention to blue. Have some blemishes you want to gloss over? Try a softening filter like Sierra or Rise. Want to show off a great lipstick? Here is a good option for color since it has high saturation. Finally, the advice that’s more important than any of the tips above: never take yourself(ie) too seriously.

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