Tips: How to Fake Big Eyes with Makeup

Some of us like to have a more almond shaped eye, but some of us like it big and round so here’s how to fake big eyes using your makeup and nothing else. You’re welcome.
The eyes are the windows to the soul and big, beautiful eyes speak volumes about you. That’s why to some who don’t necessarily have big round eyes, eye makeup techniques that create a brighter, more open looking eyes are employed. I think the key here is “optical illusion”, whatever you do with your makeup does something to how someone views your face in 3D.

I made a distinction to 3D because how you view a face in 2D, for example photos, is different from how your eyes view it in actual three-dimensional space and I don’t want to nerd out too much about that, but this is something we have to take note of when creating a makeup look that is meant to fake big eyes. The techniques included in my lists are definitely not trends, they have been around for a long time employed by professional makeup artists to create big eye looks for clients. So learning how to do these will benefit you not only because it works but also because it won’t die out, unlike other trendier looks. In addition, if you really want to have your eyes stand out, wear clothes that won’t steal the spotlight.

Tricks You Can Do with Makeup To Learn How To Fake Big Eyes
If you want to learn how to create big gorgeous eyes with just makeup then these tricks will make you happy. Use them all together to create a stunning look that will make everyone notice your lovely beautiful eyes.

Eyebrow Definition

Eyebrows frame the face and unruly and unkempt eyebrow creates a mess on the eye area that takes away the focus from the eye. So making sure that the eyebrows are properly groomed and are filled in, if needed is effective in creating a clean looking face that brings the focus to the eye naturally because it’s right below it.

Highlighted Lid

A lot of us already do this, I call this a retro trick because it’s been around and it’s still trendy and you know how everything retro is still trendy nowadays we still see it worn and re-used just like these retro nails. However, not everyone necessarily knows that this trick allows light to bounce on the lid creating an illusion of a more open eye. On days I don’t feel like putting a lot of makeup on, I put a cheek stain and a pop of highlight color on my lid. It immediately makes my face look wide awake and shows me how to fake big eyes.

Mascara and Curls

Just curling your eyelashes and putting mascara already opens up and creates a more open eye because it creates definition to the outer frames of the eye, bringing the colors of the eye outward.

Non-Cat Eye False Lashes

False Lashes can also help you with knowing how to fake big eyes, but be careful about using cat eye false lashes because those actually help to elongate your eyes creating a more almond shape, if you want to learn how to fake big eyes, use ones that do not have longer strands towards the end.

White Eyeliner

White Eyeliner drawn on your lower lash waterline creates an illusion of a larger cornea, that white area outside your pupil, so this immediately makes your eye look bigger than they are. Go ahead and try it out yourself to see how to fake big eyes with just this simple trick.

Define Lower Lash

Fake Big Eyes with Makeup

Fake Big Eyes with Makeup

Giving your lower lash a bit of definition gives your eyes a treat at how to fake big eyes because it brings the focus downward, thereby creating an illusion that your eyes are more wide awake in that direction. Be careful about lining it all the way through because black eyeliner actually limits the eye, instead of expanding them. So when thinking of defining the lower lash think more of subtle smoked out lower lash coated with mascara.

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