6 Essential Natural Skincare Ingredients

It’s nearly impossible not to pay a visit to a drugstore or beauty boutique and find at least a few lines that specialize in natural skincare products. Infused with ingredients derived from nature, these products promise to pamper, heal and nourish the skin using the most conventional components in the world.

Many ingredients found in nature can prove extremely beneficial to the skin, but some stand out more than others. Here are eight essential natural skincare ingredients to look for the next time you go in search of that miracle beauty product.

Acai Berry
Known as a “super fruit,” the acai berry has quickly become the darling of the beauty industry. It is used in everything from lip glosses to anti-aging treatments, and with good reason. This nutrient-rich ingredient is packed with more antioxidants than even red grapes and red wine. Acai berry-enhanced skincare products are formulated to repair visible signs of damage, slow the aging process and restore the skin’s texture with regular use.

Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is definitely an oldie, but it’s a goodie – and it’s on this list for a reason. Derived from the plant of the same name, it is used all over the world as a treatment for skin maladies both minor and serious. It is used to soothe burns and comfort rashes, and is recognized for its moisturizing qualities, too. Individuals who suffer cuts, sunburns and even bruises may find relief by applying aloe vera gel, which is both cooling and comforting.

Argan Oil
Though its existence in the beauty world is relatively new, argan oil has been around for centuries. Rich in nourishing fatty acids and packed with vitamin E, argan oil is considered one of the most effective natural ingredients available. Not only is it ideal for applying to scars, sunburns and general minor irritations, but it is also considered to be effective on acne and eczema. Since it contains such a high content of antioxidants, it is also a powerful anti-aging treatment.

Carrot Seed Oil
One of the most powerful of the eight essential natural skincare ingredients is carrot seed oil. This rejuvenating treatment is ideal for brightening stressed skin and moisturizing dry skin. Rich in beta carotene, it helps to slow the signs of aging and may even reverse fine lines with regular use. It is also ideal to use on skin that is irritated from the elements, whether sunburn or wind chill, and boasts a rich, earthy aroma that many enjoy for its natural, fruit-of-the-earth quality.

Honey doesn’t just taste good – it also does a world of good for the skin. Though it is sticky to the touch, its benefits far outweigh any discomfort that might come with handling it. A natural antiseptic, honey is perfect for applying to wounds because it helps heal and kill bacteria. It is also wonderful for individuals who suffer from extremely dry skin, and can even be safely applied to sensitive skin for a calming, relaxing treat that also nourishes and encourages moisture.

Essential Natural Skincare Ingredients

Jojoba Oil
Mild yet highly effective, jojoba oil is another ingredient that has stood the test of time. Everyone from acne sufferers to those with dry skin rely on it for its potency and effectiveness. As a moisturizer, it helps reduce flakiness and leaves the skin supple. Since it is so similar in feel to the skin’s natural oils, it feels exceptionally nourishing and does not irritate even sensitive skin. Many individuals also use it to lighten hyperpigmentation, age spots and scars.

Natural Versus Organic
Even though the ingredients are tempting, shopping for natural products can be quite confusing – especially when so many of them claim they are natural, organic or, in many cases, both. There is a difference, though. The term “natural” is not regulated, so it is important to be aware of the ingredients in the products you purchase. If there are added fillers, synthetic fragrances, parabens, dyes, petrochemicals or any other potentially harmful ingredients added, then you are not dealing with a completely natural product.

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